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  1. Powerup OTA and Build Dates Month/Year

    Build date 3/21. Only one update in April. No power ups
  2. BlueCruise appears in Connected Services

    Yeah I guess it's gone now! I don't see it either
  3. FordPass 3.25.0 no charging info

    He is on the latest version. If it's the same problem that I had, it started when I was on 3.25, and continued until about 2 weeks after I had 3.26.. so I think it's more of a server issue than a phone or app issue
  4. FordPass 3.25.0 no charging info

    My guess is it's something server side. Mine just randomly started working again one day. No software updates or anything.. It just happened 🤷‍♂️
  5. The Propulsion Sound is an F Chord!

    So.... I debated very heavily on commenting here. Cause I don't wanna be THAT guy on the internet. So some quick and dirty music theory: @Mach-Lee was absolutely right about the I–V–vi–IV chord progression being EVERYWHERE. But the fun thing is that it works in any key. So while an F chord CAN...
  6. [OTA] Ford Power-Up 1.4.0 Installed

    Well that makes a lot of sense... I appreciate the report! Hopefully when blue cruise comes they'll have a more reasonable roll out! 🤞
  7. [OTA] Ford Power-Up 1.4.0 Installed

    Let us know what they say 😏. I'm in the same boat
  8. FordPass stuck

    I would guess it's either a backend problem or a problem with the car. That is odd that the Bezel Diagnostics says waiting. Not sure if it's related or not but it is suspicious. Your best bet is to call Ford Pass customer service and open a ticket. You could also contact your dealer and see if...
  9. Does the Mach E support portable music players?

    This is just a classic case of apple using a proprietary protocol instead of a standard. The iPod protocol is old enough Ford hasn't been putting it in since probably 2014. The only USB protocols it supports are Android Auto, Apple Car Play, and generic USB storage.
  10. Ford Pass Battery Drain Survey (Results Are In)

    Yes you are absolutely right about the global market share (which is why I specified the US). you'd hope they'd take the global numbers until account... But I think the fact that the android version is the bad one is proof that they focused on the US market
  11. Ford power up software didn’t work??

    There's an over the air software update that's rolling out right now, that is totally separate from the dealer installed up at you're referring to.
  12. Sync 4A for Mach-E GT shows cosmetic upgrades coming and frunk opening via screen

    So I just had an interesting thought. As it stands with the current frunk lever, the way it's designed, you physically can't pull the lever unless the driver's door is open. Will they add the same interlock digitally? Or in other words: is it a purposeful decision to not allow the frunk to be...
  13. Sync 4A for Mach-E GT shows cosmetic upgrades coming and frunk opening via screen

    Well I stand corrected! That's a pleasant surprise. I had just given up on that dream!
  14. Sync 4A for Mach-E GT shows cosmetic upgrades coming and frunk opening via screen

    Maybe I'm mistaken here, but I was under the impression that the current cars don't have the hardware for this. I thought that the current latch is purely mechanical. So it would require new hardware AND software
  15. Identifying Bezel Diagnostics modules

    Well well well.... This explains a lot! I was at Ikea the other day picking up an Idåsen and a Lagkapten. On the way home my sync system freaked out and got stuck on the "liquid metal" Sirius XM station. So that must have been the SDM freaking out It also set the gps destination to a shelter...
  16. OTA 1.6.0 Power-Up Installed

    As a side note, the radio has to be on as well.. just do FM to be safe. Then push and hold volume down and previous track for a solid 10 seconds
  17. Identifying Bezel Diagnostics modules

    Has anyone been able to identify all of the modules in Bezel Diagnostics? I'm especially curious what EFP/ICP is, as well as SDM since I seem to be missing data in those two places