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  1. Is everyone's MME this loud when the AC compressor runs?

    The A/C compressor is electric and therefore it would make sense that its speed and therefore loudness (from not only spinning faster but generating higher pressures) will vary based on how much heat it is trying to move out of the cabin/power electronics. In summer in texas a lot of people...
  2. Took my Mach-E Premium EAWD to the track for some drag racing (timeslips + videos)

    Brake torquing could be harder on the gearbox as normally the max torque that can be put through it is limited by tire traction, but if you are clamping down on the brakes, that could increase the peak torque between the wheels and the motor being routed through the gearbox. It's why people...
  3. Lots of attention

    The fordpass app may very well be outsourced, or if it isn't, maybe they should contract google or something.
  4. Hot & Annoying

    Weak 12V batteries can cause all sorts of electrical gremlins because every electrical module has different sensitivities to different voltages which can trip up one working module when another isn't talking back. The 12V battery is also going to be the lowest SOC right before you get in and...
  5. GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    Got my window sticker for my 8/11 build date!
  6. Best drive mode for road trip range efficiency

    Drive modes do not affect how efficient converting electrons to motor power for a acceleration rate or speed. There would be no advantage of intentionally running the motor less efficiently. While the amount of regen braking with no pedals applied will vary, think of different modes more as...
  7. Took my Mach-E Premium EAWD to the track for some drag racing (timeslips + videos)

    What was your battery SOC? Max power must drop at some point with decreasing pack voltage.
  8. Mach-E Thermal System - In Depth Look by Sandy Munro

    The radiator they didn't show.
  9. GT Performance Edition vs Standard GT worth it?

    Magneride is probably the biggest upgrade but 5k is pretty expensive for that alone. I'm also hoping the seat bottoms in the PE are more raked (angled) as I didn't like how flat/level the seats were in the premium car I test drove (I felt like my thighs had no support when I lowered the seat...
  10. Last Chance To Order Email from Ford

    Why didn't you transfer reservation your new dealer before ordering?
  11. Changes coming to the GT?

    There has been no changes to the order guide or pricing since the order banks opened however I have had problems with the build and price website glitching out. Note on the GTPE that the 360 packagw forces the pano roof and vise versa. Therefore, if you select black roof you shouldn't be able to...
  12. Prospective Buyer without ability to charge at home

    110 charger at work would cover most of your commute (3mph*8hrs=24 miles) if you can reliably park near an outlet and you are willing to deal with plugging it in every day. Plugging it in at your condo for 12hrs over night with a heavy duty 110v extension cord should easily get you more that 30...
  13. Hello from Southern California! Why I'm getting a Mach E.

    Ford has to protect for customers that almost exclusively DC fast charge because they live in an apartment, etc. Charging at home and avoiding long periods of time spent at very high or very low states of charge should result in minimal degradation (lithium ion batteries typically like to be...
  14. Auto activate front camera at low speed?

    This worked on the test drive unit when I drove it. It may need to detect an object or wall like pulling into a garage so it doesn't activate at every intersection or in stop and go traffic.
  15. GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    They probably wont ship any GTs for a at least 2-4 weeks after the first builds. It standard practice to build for a few weeks to make sure there are no quality issues before releasing cars in case they find something and need to go back and check or fix something on earlier cars.
  16. Will GT front grill fit standard Mach-E?

    At the very least you would need a new painted bumper cover (front facia), air dam/lower trim, side curtain aero inserts, center grill, and possibly additional brackets. The number of small parts to make it work will probably add up very quickly unless you can eventually get everything salvage...
  17. New Mach E GT PE Order

    Ford has said it will take to the end of the year to fufill reservation holder's GTs so I wouldn't count on an October delivery.
  18. Munro Mach-E Teardown - Thermal System Part 2

    The condenser being liquid cooled along with some more valves is essentially the key to making the system run as a heat pump as it allows the refrigerant system to either heat or cool the water loop. In A/C mode the difference is the refrigerant heat has to be transfered to water and then the...
  19. Mach-E GT Window Sticker and VIN Question

    Your car has 360 assist but not 360 active, which as you pointed out is an extra $1900. The difference is active adds bluecruise and the 360 camera. 67A is the comfort package on select trims which I don't think applies to GTs.