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  1. What car did you give up for MME??

    What’d you hate about the model S
  2. Mach-E is the second best selling all-electric SUV in the U.S. (per Ford Earnings Report)

    I’m not sure how accurate this report is though. For example Tesla doesn’t split model y sales from model 3, so those are just a guess, and they haven’t made any model X in 2021 so they definitely didn’t sell 6,098 of them in Q2
  3. Mach-E is the second best selling all-electric SUV in the U.S. (per Ford Earnings Report)

    On that note ford also said during the earnings call they were going to increase Mach e production by 70% and are taking similar actions with electric transit and f-150 lightning
  4. Buying Ford stock?

    I bought shares 1100 shares at $7. I sold 100 shares each at $9, $12, and $15. Will sell another 100 at $18, $21, and $24. Very excited for Fords future they have the best product lineup out there. On the earnings call today they said they were going to increase Mach E production by 70% next year
  5. Here she is at long last!

    Looks like a standard range?
  6. 3 Reasons why I am buying an MME rather than a Tesla

    Better range and cheaper than Model Y
  7. Changes to the tax credit is in the works

    I don’t think there should be any EV tax credit. I find it hard to believe there is any universe in which buying rich people (or at the very least, very well off middle class folk) fancy cars is the best use for that money
  8. Jim Farley Talks Mach-E, F-150 and EV Development with The Verge

    I still haven’t seen a Mach-E in the wild. Have seen about 50 bronco sports though, I live in SC but the gas bronco definitely seems to be the more popular
  9. Ford Motor Company Introduction 🏢

    Hi Ford, Have had the privilege to drive a Mach E 3 times, a job very well done. If you ever decide to make an electric escape, I’ll be your first reservation haha.
  10. April 2021 Mach-E Sales Lead to Best Month Ever for Ford Electrified Vehicles

    There are also I believe like 4,000 Mach E’s serving as demo cars at dealers, which the dealer can sell at the 4 month mark, which would be like end of may early June for most dealers
  11. March 2021 and Q1 Mach-E U.S. Sales Stats

    I suspect the drop in sales is because many Mach e were shipped to Europe this month. This report is only US sales figures.
  12. Mach E vs. traditional Mustang

    Time to get out the crystal ball. Which will Ford sell more of in 2021, the Mach-E or traditional gas powered mustangs? I say Mach e by a small amount.

    interesting. Ok so let’s say you’re right and that is the issue. How would Ford go about fixing that. Would they have to replace the sensor on each?
  14. How many started with Toyota Prius followed by Nissan Leaf followed by Chevy Bolt followed by Mustang Mach E?

    mach e is cool, but I do have a special affinity for escapes. Would settle for an electric bronco sport since it’s basically an escape
  15. Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    That’s alarming, I thought model y demand was much stronger than it is
  16. Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    Wait you can get a model Y right now? I thought it would take a couple months. Tesla doesn’t have an order backlog anymore?
  17. Total 2021 Mach-E production units?

    Does ford have plans to start producing their own batteries?
  18. Total 2021 Mach-E production units?

    70k seems more reasonable, but still just a small fraction of what the bronco is going to do. Seems like they should be able to get a supply contract for more batteries