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  1. MG101

    What car did you give up for MME??

    13 Ridgeline. I was trying to keep it for 10 years but it was suddenly worth too much to keep.
  2. MG101

    Do you unplug your Mach E during a thunderstorm?

    Hijacking to ask what's the standby draw for the mobile charger? As in plugged into the wall but not the car.
  3. MG101

    "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

  4. MG101

    "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    I don't know? The kid at the Dunkin' drive through window asked "is that the new electric mustang". Is that the electric ford/edge/explorer/taurus/probe(!)? Doesn't sound the same. Perception is everything.
  5. MG101

    "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    Just hit me! They should have called it the Capr-e!
  6. MG101

    "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    Couldn't tell ya, also falls under my "don't care" category. My last car was a Ridgeline. I've heard it all. Haters gonna hate and fan boys
  7. MG101

    "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    I just say I didn't come up with the name I just signed the check. Couldn't care less about anyone's thoughts on what I drive.
  8. MG101

    June and on builds better?

    I literally do this on a daily basis at work but not once did my mind go there for my own vehicle. Got a healthy home brain work brain divide going on. March for those who were wondering. Also, I didn't order mine. Walked on to the lot an pointed at the one I wanted. Plenty on the lots...
  9. MG101

    June and on builds better?

    How does one find out when their car was built?
  10. MG101

    Lots of attention

    I don't notice the pointing as much any more but when people start doing their research on me after I parked, it gets old quick. I've started just giving generic answers. Range? over 200 miles. Charge time? Over night. Can I just order my coffee now?
  11. MG101

    Dealership Added Extra Miles

    I wouldn't worry about it. It's like the people who say "this car has never seen snow/rain" Meanwhile it came off the carrier covered in road salt or sat on the lot through monsoon season. Ignorance is bliss I guess.
  12. MG101

    Where is the love?

    I've given enough, jeep and motorcycle waves...just let me be antisocial in peace.
  13. MG101

    Range worriers - objective evidence

    Yeah, "your mileage may vary" right?. I could commute for 3 days with that 32 mile range. Works for me, works for you and I get what you're trying to say, but your original post comes across like "See! What is everyone so worried about?" Seriously though, New Englanders be spoiled with their...
  14. MG101

    Took my Mach-E Premium EAWD to the track for some drag racing (timeslips + videos)

    First off that from a normal day to day driving stand point that seems super dangerous. You would think there would be some built in safety that you would need to cycle the throttle back to "closed" before the car will move again. But it makes sense that it would take off faster that way. No...
  15. MG101

    Ford’s Top 3 Tips to Prolong Battery Life

    Oh good you got that too. Thought Ford was trying to tell me I'm doing something wrong.
  16. MG101

    Rear air vent locations?

    And the air flow from them is pretty weak. Going to be tight in there with two rear facing seats.
  17. MG101

    Mach-E Thermal System - In Depth Look by Sandy Munro

    They keep talking about the liquid cooled condenser needing less components but where is that liquid getting cooled? There has to be some sort of heat exchanger somewhere that, unless I missed it, never gets mentioned.
  18. MG101

    Ford Might Ask Dealers to Install Chips in Unfinished Cars

    From the article, dealers would have to opt in. Seems like a horrible idea though. Lot full of inventory that can't be sold. Service department getting over loaded and making peanuts to finish assembling a car. Is the vehicle fully assembled minus the ecu or is half the dash apart? Just...
  19. MG101

    How many Fords have you owned?

    5, all Mustangs 98, 00, 90, 89, 21