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  1. generaltso

    Mach-E AWD vs. Toyota RAV4 Prime

    Yeah, the XSE with Premium package.
  2. generaltso

    Mach-E AWD vs. Toyota RAV4 Prime

    My wife will be driving it most of the time. She hasn’t rolled her FWD Pacifica, so I think she’ll be fine. The RAV4 Prime actually has more horsepower than my MME (and can tow).
  3. generaltso

    Mach E Manual

    Are you sure that's the full 400+ page owners manual and not just the quick start guide?
  4. generaltso

    Whats up with this charger?

    Those must be using some really thick wire.
  5. generaltso

    Mach-E AWD vs. Toyota RAV4 Prime

    Just resurrecting this thread to say that I just put a deposit on a RAV4 Prime for my wife. We’ll be replacing her non-hybrid Pacifica. It will be interesting to compare the Prime to the MME even though they’re completely different vehicles. It should arrive in about a month.
  6. generaltso

    extra miles

    It can show more or less, and it can go up or down frequently. It’s just a guess.
  7. generaltso

    extra miles
  8. generaltso

    PAAK Question

    Turn off the phone or put it in airplane mode.
  9. generaltso

    "Loud" AC Noise
  10. generaltso

    Range worriers - objective evidence

    This is exactly why PHEVs can be a good gateway drug into a full EV. In 2018, I didn't think I could handle a BEV, so I bought an Outlander PHEV. In the 3 years that I owned it, I topped off the gas tank 4 times. And that only had 22 miles of EV range! That was enough to show me that my...
  11. generaltso

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    Confirmed. But you don‘t have to remove PaaK just because you got a second fob.
  12. generaltso

    Which TeslaTap Adapter for Tesla Destination Chargers?

    They already have with the v3 destination chargers. But it's up to the station owner if they want to lock out non-Teslas. I wouldn't think that most will.
  13. generaltso

    OTA 1.6.0 Power-Up Installed

    You're not getting updates late since 1.4.0 and 1.6.0 are still being rolled out. I haven't gotten 1.4.0 yet, so you're ahead of a lot of people.
  14. generaltso

    PAAK again!

    Did you reset PaaK from the car?
  15. generaltso

    Extended Range Battery pricing

    The $2700 price for AWD is built into the base price on the window stickers. The total is the same.
  16. generaltso

    Annoying XM Radio Interface

    In general, the SXM interface in the MME leaves a lot to be desired. Ford has not said if there will be any changes or improvements to it, so we can only hope.
  17. generaltso

    What is the best place to sell a First Edition?

    There is no minimum time you need to keep it. The IRS just doesn't want people to purchase cars to get the tax credit with the intent to immediately flip them. If you've been using it as your personal car, you'll be fine.