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  1. T_to the_A

    What is your occupation?

    24 years of 🍷 sales, quite literally as of today. My hire date is 7/7/97
  2. T_to the_A

    Seattle/PNW E-Ride Out

    Good times-& a decent showing of Mach-E ownership pride! Nice to meet a few of you in person and share in our joy. Also a rather impressive food spread presented at Salty’s. 😎Had to add the pic with my late arrival across the lot. Hope we can meet again someday! Cheers.
  3. T_to the_A

    New issue tonight drivers window controls dead.

    I also have had some random, intermittent issues usually with drivers window auto closing. This last weekend also included some randomness with passenger side, both auto up and down. After a bunch of actuations they all seemed to work. Kind of a frustrating gremlin, but I suppose luckily for...
  4. T_to the_A

    Pre-Collision Alert system

    I have mine set to low and it seems rather sensitive. I would be happy to see some tweaking. Out of the 10-12 times it’s gone off only 1 was legitimately worth a warning.
  5. T_to the_A

    Acidic bird poop dissolved paint!

    That’s shitty. sorry Seriously though, this is not something that never happens to cars. Painted surfaces should be able to withstand a few days of that without that sort of damage. Please update on what happens after a consult...very disappointing.
  6. T_to the_A

    FordPass app outage

    This ⬆️. Our vehicles are clearly going thru some occasional growing pains. I think prob 90% of purchasers figured we would have to endure this. I am into 50 + days of ownership and I’ve never used the fob. PaaK always. Never works perfectly for me but I’ve also never experienced the lockup...
  7. T_to the_A

    Turning/tilting screen...?

    LOL agree with you on the ridiculous “need” of some folks for entertainment (infotainment?) on the center screen. Here comes the but—but how do you know how fast you’re going on the center screen? I would love to customize that center display more, for me the only MPH display remains in my...
  8. T_to the_A

    Alarm went off when opening rear door

    Unbelievable! This just happened to me this morning. Same exact situation. Approached car in my garage, door pillar ‘circles‘ light up signifying (at least to me) that PAAK has recognized me, and opened rear drivers door first... Alarm starts its chirping. Fumble with unlock button on...
  9. T_to the_A

    PAAK Should I Even Bother?

    I just hit 1,000 miles on the odometer. I have never used the fob except for my drive home from the dealer and when I had it a the shop having PPF installed. I am not going to say that PAAK is perfect all the time, it it works well enough that I do enjoy not having to grab a fob And have that...
  10. T_to the_A

    1st sizable road trip for me

    Agreed! We stopped there for a restroom break, but could see that there was enough juice to make it without additional charging. Would definitely do so in the future and grab some grub in town for an even better experience. I’ll update this thread with some of the issues I had with the Nav...
  11. T_to the_A

    1st sizable road trip for me

    I’m an Edmonds resident. Parents retired a number of years ago to Chelan. Covid blew out our usual family camping trip to Winthrop that we’ve done since 2001 so I figured this was a good year to resurrect that. Well, & swing in a trip to see Dad and Mom in Chelan. Attached are some pictures...
  12. T_to the_A

    I don’t believe that your screen doesn’t buzz

    3 weeks in possession, my MASSIVE issues with instrument cluster display problems are well cataloged here: so—after digging thru all 14 pages so far, I am here to report that my replacement...
  13. T_to the_A

    Adding a Rear Hatch Power Switch Inside

    Ok, you’ve got me now. I’ve lurked on your posts since the amazing write-up of the sub install (and now that I’m finally an owner and have formed some of my own habits w/ the car) THIS IS THE ONE. You sir, are to be commended for your abilities to not only dig into and take some liberty with...
  14. T_to the_A

    FordPass 3.23.0 Released

    So based on these few early posts...DON’T update?!? For me, today was the worst day of FordPass “responsiveness“. Just cycled my phone in hopes it would resolve and jumped on my iPad to see if others were having issues. I guess I will wait before updating.
  15. T_to the_A

    Something unusual happened today...

    Model Y exiting a parking garage right as I got to my car. Guy knew exactly what I was about to get into, no airs or drama from him. Very complimentary. He and his wife stopped and we had a quick chat about EV cars and how enjoyable they are. Maybe a Seattle thing? Seems here about 1 of 5...
  16. T_to the_A

    What's been your favorite thing about the Mach-E so far?

    I love that I don‘t miss shifting gears (ok maybe a little), the ride is sooo smooth - also quite pleased at 500m on the odometer and I’m quite the expert at OPD. Oh and no gas station stops.
  17. T_to the_A

    I went to pick up my Mach-E today and found this...

    Wow. I can honestly say I know EXACTLY how you feel, and after viewing this link to MY experience I think you can try and step back and take a deep breath or two. Easy to say over the forum, but your issue is really not a big deal. Cars are built from many parts, seeing them in states of...
  18. T_to the_A

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    I have had my car for 10 days now. 2 of the days were spent in the Accutint NW shop located in the Cadillac dealership off of 175th and Aurora in Shoreline. Gregg was a fabulous guy to deal with, great communicator, and I’m extremely happy with the end result. $1800 + tax for full hood...
  19. T_to the_A

    Seattle/PNW E-Ride Out

    I was just there a few days ago! Gladly will go back and hope to meet some of you fellow owners now that I’ve finally “joined the club” of ownership 😎.
  20. T_to the_A

    UPDATED!...HELP! Is this standard PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)

    I’ve been too busy enjoying the unending bliss that is MME ownership to post much lately. Plus I’ve been busy driving! Also got full front/hood + all wheel lips and door jam Xpel PPF installed. I am thrilled with the look and drive of my Shadow Black beast. This is a fabulous vehicle. I have...