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  1. Navigation: should recognize home as a charging station

    Navigating home on a low charge (18 miles to home with 21 miles to empty). Navigation system suggested (actually insisted to the point that I did not have enough charge to get to the charging location) that I go out of my way 10 miles to the nearest charging station - apparently not recognizing...
  2. MRR FS06 on Mach-E latest photo shoot || MRR Wheels

    Would love to see a catalog of tried and tested options in varying tire widths, rim sizes, and styles.
  3. Insane charging noise

    I tried it both at 16 amps and at 32 amps and the fan does NOT kick on in a hot garage. Charging at 48 amps always causes the fan to kick on (very loud) after about 10 mins of charging and until charging is complete.
  4. 🧭 Track Your Mach-E Order by VIN # and Order #

    Mine had a build week of 5/3 and was notified built on 5/7 with an estimated delivery 6/29. Arrived on 6/2! The dealer can track the vehicle very closely once shipped. Example: day before called the trucking company and was given delivery time of following morning and there it was.