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  1. hitchhiker

    What car did you give up for MME??

    I can't speak for the refreshed Model S, but if the one you didn't get was anyone like the one I did, then you dodged a bullet there. Or something. 🤣
  2. hitchhiker

    What car did you give up for MME??

    I'm sure one of them has remarked at how it would NEVER be a problem in a Tesla. 🤣My Mach-e has the buzz, but I would have never noticed had I not specifically listened for it, while parked, with radio and all fans off, and my ear close to the dash. I finally found it, but I still don't hear or...
  3. hitchhiker

    What car did you give up for MME??

    A lot. I could write a book. Ready? First and foremost, the build quality or lack thereof. The thing was a rattle trap. Rattles all over the interior on all but the absolute smoothest of road surfaces. I live on a dirt road, so this problem was right in my face every time I came and went from...
  4. hitchhiker

    What car did you give up for MME??

    I traded a 2020 Tesla Model S with only 12.5k miles. I was willing to lose money to get out of it, though didn't lose as much as you'd think. I despised that car. Out with the old, in with the new:
  5. hitchhiker

    "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    This is on my back window... And this is on the right side.
  6. hitchhiker

    PAAK functional Survey

    Mine has always worked quite well, with an occasional glitch, which would fall under option 2. Since the latest FordPass update it has been flawless, so I went with option 1.
  7. hitchhiker

    That was some thunderstorm I drove though last night

    The radar can only detect distance from the car in front of you. It doesn't help with actually staying in the lane.
  8. hitchhiker

    Monitoring Battery Regen and Temperature Overheating in Mach-E

    Thanks! Did you run a USB cable from the glove box to the center console, or did you manage to add another port somehow?
  9. hitchhiker

    Monitoring Battery Regen and Temperature Overheating in Mach-E

    @SteveJo, how long does that box take to boot and connect once you've powered the car on?
  10. hitchhiker

    Auto activate front camera at low speed?

    I'd like to have an option to pop up the front/360 camera view when pressing the park assist button. I'll never use park assist but I'd use that all the time. Or maybe a long press on the park assist button would work.
  11. hitchhiker

    Mach E Owners Without Issues

    2 months and clocked about 5500 miles so far. I have very occasional PaaK disconnects which are typically resolved by opening the app. Works right the vast majority of the time and I have left the fob at home since day 1. No issues with CarPlay or anything else. Fit and finish is miles ahead of...
  12. hitchhiker

    [Update made it home] Stranded. PaaK and password wiped: "All Phone As A Key access and Backup Start Passcodes were removed..."

    I had a Model 3 starting in early 2019. It worked very well for me with an occasional glitch here and there, which was usually resolved by either opening the app or toggling airplane mode. Pretty much the same experience I’ve been having with the Mach-e. I have left the fob at home since the day...
  13. hitchhiker

    What's been your favorite thing about the Mach-E so far?

    This. Not my first EV, but my previous 2 were Teslas. Those have a quiet drive train as an EV should, but that only serves to highlight their cacophony of road noise, squeaks, creaks and rattles. The Mach-e is blissfully quiet. The Teslas made me feel ripped off. The build quality was garbage...
  14. hitchhiker

    FordPass app outage

    I believe it does a certificate exchange over the Bluetooth connection, and uses that certificate to authenticate PaaK. I was able to login finally in the app just now. It saw no vehicle at first (empty garage), but that came back a couple minutes later. Will know if my PaaK survived after I...
  15. hitchhiker

    Horn Hook ?

    It will still honk twice to alert you if the car is left on, unfortunately.
  16. hitchhiker

    Horn Hook ?

    As far as I know, the only way would be to turn the car off, exit, lock the doors and then remote start with the app.
  17. hitchhiker

    Horn Hook ?

    If you’ve turned off both of the audible alerts, make sure you turn the car off before exiting. If you leave it on, you’ll get the double honk.
  18. hitchhiker

    Post Your MME Next to Your OTHER Dream Car!

    I was in good company for my very first fast charge session.
  19. hitchhiker

    Fordpass SNAFU: reducing "free" balance AND billing you for the charging

    Same thing happened to me today. Only a quick charge, $2.01 billed and 7kWh credited from my free 250. EA at Chicopee, MA.
  20. hitchhiker

    Has anyone received an OTA labeled "Ford Power-Up 1.4.0 "?

    I just used plug-and-charge for the first time today, and I just checked and also had this problem. So definitely not a one-off.