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  1. Mach-Lee

    Meet a Ford Engineer Today

    I have a theory about the DC charge rates. So I think everybody knows it charges at 150-160 kW for only a couple minutes and then drops down, which is really strange. I think it does this as a short test, just so the engineers can collect data and flush out any weak packs. Once they get enough...
  2. Mach-Lee

    Charging question

    Only charge it above 90% right before using it on a road trip, do not let it sit parked over 90% for more than a few hours to avoid battery degradation, especially in warm temps. You absolutely don't need to charge above 90% ever unless you need to for extra range. The battery will balance...
  3. Mach-Lee

    Ford Express Buy

    Good luck actually getting a dealer to allow that. They would shudder at the thought of their customers not having to sit through the finance guy's sales pitch and being able to make a no-pressure final decision at home! You might actually figure out they snuck something in your payments! Ahh...
  4. Mach-Lee

    Weight Limit in Trunk

    That's pretty much max payload right there if you do the math. If you weigh more than 190 lbs you'd be overloaded. I think I would have put the sand bags in the frunk to balance it more.
  5. Mach-Lee

    Good Preconditioning Habits

    No, if the garage always stays between 32-104ºF then the battery is happy. You'd only do it for your own comfort or if you needed an extra few miles of range.
  6. Mach-Lee

    10 faults and counting…

    This happened to someone else too: Resetting and reprogramming failed, the power steering module had to be replaced, took 2.5 weeks. I think the other faults are related to the steering failure, so it's really...
  7. Mach-Lee

    Battery Health Recs from Ford

    Wonder if this is by design. They could figure when you park the car "storage" conditions exist, which would raise the battery temp limit to 50-60ºC. But if the battery is going to be used or charged it should be maintained at <40ºC. I think Teslas have something called Cabin Overheat...
  8. Mach-Lee

    RESOLVED SUCCESSFULLY - JuiceBox Charger cord length not as described

    Even accounting for some wire that ends up inside the EVSE, that comes up short. I guess you have an 18' cord version. Sounds like some bean counting occurred...
  9. Mach-Lee

    Ford’s Top 3 Tips to Prolong Battery Life
  10. Mach-Lee

    Powerup OTA and Build Dates Month/Year

    Updated the gateway module in preparation for future updates. Likely no added functionality that you will see.
  11. Mach-Lee

    PaaK Performance Badly Deteriorating

    Suggest you reboot your phone and also try disconnecting the 12V battery for a while to reset the car. EDIT: 15 minute 12V battery disconnection is officially recommended by Ford if you are still experiencing issues after the PAAK update. Source...
  12. Mach-Lee

    Delivery Fee Question

    Yup, as others have said, Ford pays the dealer for the PDI (1.0 hours billable). I think they also receive 1% of the MSRP + $250 as further compensation for handling the delivery. Every Mach-E should have had an hour of testing and prep done before it gets to you standard. Nitrogen in tires is...
  13. Mach-Lee

    So my Mach E just locked(?) up

    TSB 21-2171 strikes again!
  14. Mach-Lee

    Weight Limit in Trunk

    My recommendation would be 150 lbs max with the cargo floor in the upper position, and 300 lbs max with the floor in the lower position. If you have more than 300 lbs to haul then it should be distributed in the footwells and seats so as to not overload the rear axle or create a dangerous...
  15. Mach-Lee

    Reduction Gear Oil changes?

    I was wondering about this too. On a new Escape I changed the PTU fluid (which is a "lifetime" fluid according to Ford) after 10,000 miles and it was about 10% metal, all black. Magnet saturated. I got a magnet to stick to the bottom of the oil container I poured it in. Changed it after another...
  16. Mach-Lee

    How to adjust charging percentage on the screen - Video

    Curious why your screen is flashing?
  17. Mach-Lee

    Any good EV Charging plans from TX electricity resllsers?

    I think those programs only make sense if you can shift more than half of your total consumption to the off peak hours. So it would depend what % of your total monthly kWh are from EV charging. Everyone should try to only charge between 10 PM and 8 AM even if they aren't incentivized, it helps...
  18. Mach-Lee

    Traveling for 5-6 weeks, what should we do with the car?

    Just sharing the official recommendation. Leaving it connected will slowly drain the HV pack to recharge the 12V. If everything is normal you should be able to park it with 12V connected for many months without an issue, but we've been seeing some cars with 12V battery drain issues. If this were...
  19. Mach-Lee

    2022 Mach-E Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Dates Released

    Telsa would do this to you. You get what you get at delivery, no telling what was added or removed as they see fit after ordering, production is always fluid and changing at Tesla. Good luck finding any info on model year or production changes anywhere. I really don't think Ford would try to...
  20. Mach-Lee

    First Electrify America DCFast Charging Experience in a Mach-E

    Good to hear everything worked as intended! Yes, I think it's a good idea for people to test out the DC fast charging before they take their first trip that relies on it, in case there are any issues.