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  1. Black Wheels on White Mach-E

    Hi, My Wife likes Shiny Silver as well.. just a matter of choice... Actually, I like both..
  2. What car did you give up for MME??

    2020 Ford Explorer Platinum .. Gas Hog and too Bloated.. I felt like I was sitting on the floor as well.. LOL
  3. Our Three Little ponies!!!!!

    Awesome! 5 Stars..
  4. Black Wheels on White Mach-E

    I had mine Painted Shiny Black on Star White Premium ASAP. Takes away the Subaru look.. :) :)
  5. Black Wheels on White Mach-E

    IMHO in todays world, shiny wheels on a NEW car look K-Mart.. I Painted mine Shiny Black and get lots of compliments.. Just my 3 cents.. :)
  6. Grabber Blue Mach-E GT Performance Edition at Oshkosh Airshow (Exterior + Interior)

    I like Everything about it except those CheeseBall Wheels.. :)
  7. MRR FS06 on Mach-E latest photo shoot || MRR Wheels

    where did you get the red brake calipers? I would like to get some.. Thanks....
  8. What level 2 charger is everyone purchasing for home use?

    Tesla Wall Charger with Lectron adapter..
  9. Newbie ? on Charging at Tesla Charging Stations

    Is a Tesla destination charger the same as a Tesla Wall Charger?
  10. Newbie ? on Charging at Tesla Charging Stations

    Hi, I'm confused.. I'm taking a trip and my destination only has a Tesla Charging station.. My ? is, will my Lectron Tesla Adapter work? Thanks in Advance.. Doug
  11. Extreme Heat and EVs

    Thanks Much.. I will try it today at EAmerica
  12. Extreme Heat and EVs

    is that how to do it?
  13. Extreme Heat and EVs

    Ok, So turn car off, plug in charger, than get in car and turn it on? <smile>
  14. Extreme Heat and EVs

    Question.. Can I sit in car while at a charging station with car on so I don't cook outside waiting for car to charge?
  15. Extreme Heat and EVs

    Awesome.. I will drive it and not worry about it.. Thanks again, Doug..
  16. Extreme Heat and EVs

    Thanks for the reply, in the hot weather here in Portland Oregon has my fans running loudly when car is on.. If I get that message when parking without a place to plug in, we it be OK?
  17. Extreme Heat and EVs

    When I get that message when pulling into a shopping mall and turn off car, what happens?
  18. Horn Hook ?

    I will try that. Thanks