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  1. imstriker

    BlueCruise appears in Connected Services

    I've been very impressed with the CoPilot system. It has handled all of my trips with ease and stayed on just about the whole time. I've not had many disconnects at all. That said, we had a rental Kia a couple months ago on a trip and I was pretty impressed by it too. It was a very base...
  2. imstriker

    The nuances of PAAK for the Mach-E

    Wow, I'm jealous. With FordPass running (without background restriction) on my Pixel 5, I'm lucky to get 6 hours. I've had days where it would be dead in 4. Needless to say, restrictions are a must.
  3. imstriker

    Android Auto/GameSnacks

    They apparently recently went to an open beta. I believe everyone who signs up now is automatically in. Happy gaming!
  4. imstriker

    Android Auto/GameSnacks

    If you have not signed up for the open Android Auto beta, might be worth a look. You get GameSnacks which is a simple set of games to play while parked/charging. It does seem to have hurt my phone battery life a bit though. Like 1/5 FordPass level damage. You can sign up here: Android Auto Beta
  5. imstriker

    My PaaK Update

    I continue to try against all the pain to use PaaK, so here is my most recent update. I have had the dealer complete the PaaK update. My Pixel 5 is running FordPass 3.26.0. From 3.24.0 I have kept FordPass on restrictions. I released them on 3.26.0 to see what it would do. For a few...
  6. imstriker

    Door Stuck Open

    Since this came back to life, I'll follow up really quick. We went camping last weekend and left the Mach-E for 4 days plugged in (since you know it can't tow). When we got back, it did the exact same thing. Thankfully the latch cycle quickly resolved it. But it does seem to be consistent...
  7. imstriker

    VW OTA Software Updates Announcment

    Fair enough and to each their own. Personally, I would just like to see some movement after many months now. I appreciated that VW stepped up and offered some sort of timeline versus "soon" and this/that quarter. Maybe it will be a debacle for them, who knows.
  8. imstriker

    VW OTA Software Updates Announcment

    Nope, didn't miss it. I learned long ago in technology that using the term "soon" just creates questions from end users. The VW announcement gave a July 2021 date with updates every 12 weeks. Who knows if they will actually deliver but I thought it was a strong statement and much less vague...
  9. imstriker

    VW OTA Software Updates Announcment

    Why can we not get clarity beyond some time in some quarter about software updates maybe? Ford is dropping the ball versus the VW marketing department: "Volkswagen is moving up a gear when it comes to digitalization. After the successful roll-out of our all-electric ID. family, the brand is...
  10. imstriker

    21B36 PAAK software fix RECALL

    Had it done over the weekend. Really have not noticed any difference. The FordPass 3.24 update made a world of difference for me. If not for the battery life issue, I feel ilke PaaK would be close to fixed for me.
  11. imstriker

    Door Stuck Open

    Pretty simple, I just would not have thought about it. They popped up the latch in the door itself. Apparently when the door closes, the kicker pushes open slightly to create some pressure on it. By manually latching then unlatching several times, it eventually got back on sequence. After...
  12. imstriker

    Door Stuck Open

    My dealership really did a great job with this. And they said numerous times how important this was to Ford and they would take care of it. I brought the car back home as it seems to be working now. They are still talking to Ford about if it needs more. For now, here is where we ended... -...
  13. imstriker

    Door Stuck Open

    Thanks all. I have learned two things apparently today... I thought the car was a girl, maybe not and don't let it get ahold of Viagra. At any rate, the service manager and their tech came out to my house. They were able to get it closed by playing with the door latch with a screwdriver. He...
  14. imstriker

    Door Stuck Open

    Hoping someone has a magic fix but couldn't find anything in search. My drivers door is stuck open. The kicker is extended and will not go back in. Other doors work fine, and the car will start. I just can't close the drivers door. I'm going to let it sit for a while and try again later...
  15. imstriker

    PaaK and Android Personal Update

    I wanted to share how my personal experiences with PaaK have changed. I believe I have almost settled into a routine that might help someone. For techie and family reasons, I have been determined to use PaaK since day one exclusively. It has not been a pleasant process, but I have stuck with...
  16. imstriker

    Is anyone else frustrated just how angry the ICE Mustang crowd is with the Mach-e?

    On Saturday nights here all summer we have an anything goes impromptu car show with about 50-100 cars and lots of people. We frunkgated two weeks ago and had nothing but positives. Several people were excited to see the car and many didn't care. No negative at all.
  17. imstriker

    FordPass 3.24.0 rolling out

    Me as well. My battery life has gone to nothing. I'm at 25% now at 3:10. This phone usually goes all day and then some. And that is 25% with plugging it in periodically. This version is a battery killer.
  18. imstriker

    Anyone familiar with (Recall) field service action number 21b36?

    Might just be my dealer then. I don't have an other service option, just those three. Oh well, I'll just fight my way through their phone tree. Really happy to see Ford doing something proactive like this.
  19. imstriker

    Anyone familiar with (Recall) field service action number 21b36?

    Ok, did anyone use the online scheduler? When I get to services, it asks me if I want an oil/filter change, the worx, or diesel service. So, huh..