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  1. VegStang

    "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    I'll be joining the NotAMustang crowd if they put the badge on this monstrosity: Baby Mach E- please just no.
  2. VegStang

    My Travels With Marlin (GB FE)

    Our DMV, somewhat ironically, put a V8 at the beginning of our plates- not sure if they were trying to tell me something... Nice to see Marlin's handsome face back in order!
  3. VegStang

    Lots of attention

    We have had a similar experience but only when I'm driving. When my spouse is driving she doesn't receive any questions or comments. She may be more intimidating than I ;), or "car guys" don't think she would have any knowledge about the car. :rolleyes:
  4. VegStang

    Is everyone's MME this loud when the AC compressor runs?

    The compressor on our Mercedes B EV was even louder (really low vibrating noise too) than the one on our Mach E. As the Mercedes was previously the best AC on a car we ever had I'm willing to put up with some noise (even if it sounds more like a ICE car :eek: when running.)
  5. VegStang

    Tailgate Noise

    So my tailgate started making a bad noise starting at about ½ way opening and closing. It's the rubber gasket (at front edge of spoiler) rubbing on the inside painted part at the top of the opening. Anyone else have this issue? There doesn't seem to be any visible change in the fit of the...
  6. VegStang

    Customized my Mach-E steering wheel

    Active X with light gray Alcantara would be a great option (and still be "vegan.")
  7. VegStang

    Ford Motor Company Introduction 🏢

    I wouldn’t have purchased the car if it had leather anywhere in the interior so I appreciate Ford providing this. Welcome to the forum Ford corporate. Is there an email address that would be best to reach out to regarding a variety of issues with my purchase? You should be proud of the vehicle...
  8. VegStang

    SSM 49796 - No Front License Plate Bracket Installation on Mach-E built on or after April 22, 2021

    Ugh, I felt better about it when I knew everyone was getting the same holes, now the first time I see one without them I'll have a few not so polite words for Ford. Early adopter screwed :rolleyes:
  9. VegStang

    "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    My intention was to pay off the options loan at the 90 day mark, but my tax bill is coming in alot higher than expected so Ford will probably get another month or 2 in interest payments. I'm just happy the loan was exactly as expected (even if the dealer had to redo the paperwork 4 times to get...
  10. VegStang

    California Clean Air Vehicle Decal

    I use a template to cut PPE to apply before placing the stickers on the car. It allows for clean and easy removal when they expire, not to mention makes installing them level/straight much easier. I install the stickers where the DMV instructs, and after the initial "these are ugly, don't want...
  11. VegStang

    Humming noise when AC is running

    The compressor noise on our previous Mercedes B-Class EV was such a loud, low rumble the dealer replaced it under warranty- the replacement was actually slightly louder. The MME is much quieter. ;)
  12. VegStang


    First "road trip" was to Monterey/Big Sur. Multiple people asked if this was the new Bronco?!?! At the hotel some mentioned beautiful car, "I have a tesla, where do you charge?" 😀
  13. VegStang

    Free Charging on Earth Day (4/22) at Electrify America charging stations

    EA is weird around here. I got the free charge on the 21st, and have seen it happen on occasion other days. Do like the offer though. Worked with their level 2 charger also.
  14. VegStang

    OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    I've received two notifications for updates, but no noticeable differences with either. If anything PAAK seems to be working more reliably (waking car up,) but that isn't saying much. 80% of the time I have to remove the phone from my pocket to start the car.
  15. VegStang

    Cargo Area Carpeted Mats

    Received my rear mat, first time I've had an issue with Lloyd carpet mats (unacceptable defects running through center of mat- first photo.) I'm sure they will send out a new one once I contact them. The trunk mat is cut to fit when the floor is in the top position, not the lower one so you...
  16. VegStang

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    Since the plate is required here in cali, and the damage is done, I decided to get the black 60s style plates that will look better on the front. The rivets have to be destroyed to get the bracket off, the dealer here gave me 3 from the parts dept. (normally $6 each.) You might be able to find...
  17. VegStang

    Trunk opened on its own and hit the garage door... Come on Ford!!!

    Luckily I was near the car and caught mine opening before it hit the garage door. I adjusted the height, but may turn off the hands free opening until I actually need it (yea, when I need it I’ll complain to myself for turning it off.)
  18. VegStang

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    They trim around the holes - leaving the film over the holes could potentially pull the film away from more area. If the dimples are there they will also trim around them. I’m sure you could patch the holes and paint before doing the install, but that wasn’t my plan. Since the holes are there I...
  19. VegStang

    Rear ended in Hit & Run

    Totally sucks for that to happen at all, no less before you even get the plates. Glad everyone was ok, best wishes on the repair- one thing about composite/plastic parts they will just be replaced, so better chance that everything will actually look like new (because it will be.) Very curious...