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  1. Active X seats

    I understand that all the Nagas were killed for their hides, and it is probably politically incorrect or something to put real leather in vehicles these days. But what the heck is active X made of that is being used in the seats. Is this like a man made Pleather that Ford uses. What are...
  2. Change of Dealership

    For those that have changed their original dealership to a new one, how long after calling the Ford Help line did it take to change over. Does it show on your reservation page. I am waiting to order my vehicle but want to make sure the change has gone through first.
  3. Production will probably be delayed.

    I just finished reading a news story that UAW is pressing the auto manufacturers to shut down assembly lines (and will probably want those factory workers to keep getting paid.) I know that this is for the USA, but since a fair proportion of the parts for the Mach E come from US would not be...
  4. Poll as to how many people have owned a battery vehicle before...plug-in hybrids do not count

    I was wondering how many new adopters the Mach-E is attracting.