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  1. Mach-E AWD vs. Toyota RAV4 Prime

    I also drove a CMAX Energi for a few years. Mine had excellent braking regen. Watched it with my ScanGauge meter. When I first owned the car, I went nearly 2000 miles before my 2nd fill up with gas (dealer failed to charge the battery before I took delivery!). PHEV is great for dual purpose.
  2. Rt 1 vs Premium

    About an hour ago, I replied to that thread to add my CA Rt 1, Infinite Blue confirmed order. Do we have a trend building here?
  3. Rt 1 vs Premium

    Coincidentally, my Kona EV (now 1 year old) has the same time and I am quite satisfied with that, so I am fine with the Mach-E time performance expectations as well. EV's just a great fun to drive!
  4. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Ford of Ventura confirmation: Order Number 10015754, CA Rt 1, Infinite Blue, USA (CA), 6/29/2020. A note: The General Manager and Sales Manager at this dealer both have confirmed orders for Premiums (Premii?).
  5. Rt 1 vs Premium

    Great analysis and concluding comment, Mark!! Thanks!
  6. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide

    Zippy combination highway/city real world driving with my Kona EV is 4.0; distance driving at 75-80 mph, drops to 3.6 or so.
  7. Rt 1 vs Premium

    I live about 10 miles inland, in the foothills above Ventura, CA, nearly 1000 ft altitude. Gets cold overnight about 1/3 of the year. I have heated seats on my Kona EV, have used them frequently during the winter. Also have ventilated A/C cooled seat that I use several months during the...
  8. Rt 1 vs Premium

    Trying to figure out why the Rt 1 is higher priced than the Premium. What am I missing? $1800 for smaller wheels and no seat heater?
  9. Second meter for home charging?

    Yes, I see your point, you presently have high rates all day. In California, they have lowered the daytime cost to encourage more use while the sun shines due to lots of excess solar capacity. Our highest cost rate occurs in the evening hours. That may happen in your state eventually, but you...
  10. Second meter for home charging?

    My Tesla PowerWall app handles TOU charging and discharging of the PowerWall, I just program the peak and non-peak hours based on the utility web site, the app does the rest. Also, my L2 charger also knows the peak/non-peak times and charges my ev at night between 10 pm and 8 am, even reminds...
  11. This bothers me...

    Quantum power will be quite a step up!
  12. 5 geeky details show Ford's commitment to Mach-E and EVs

    EVer, I agree. Ah is a meaningless unit of measure when talking about Li-Ion batteries, since voltage changes over the duty cycle of one charge, influenced by temp and BMS programming. Stick with kWh and there is no confusion. Ah is only useful if you are comparing 12V batteries to each...
  13. Ford Updates on Mach-E Reservations, Order Bank, Cancellations, Test Drives, Deliveries

    I was contacted by my dealer after the first of the year, they sent me some information. Told me they would be calling about my reservation in a couple of months, then "shelter in place" took over. Will see what happens in the next couple of weeks.
  14. Concerned about lack of marketing from Ford

    You had to confirm the email address used to put in your reservation, then log in and check the box for emails. I have had many emails since I signed up in November. They are still coming, although the last one was March 3. Guess they are busy making protective gear and such.
  15. Preparing for Mach-E charging at home - preparation and installing charger

    2) is a little better. 3) 240V L2 Charge 60% to 80% is great for longevity also, would take less than 2 hours. Start at midnight perhaps, for lowest cost.
  16. It's only my opinion. Not based on any FACTS

    There are no batteries or car charging management systems that allow highest rate of charge over the full charge cycle, not even the MME. On some cars, the power level reduces for any SOC above 50%, some start reducing charge rates at 70% or 80%. Your statement: "To get 150kWh in an hour you...
  17. Best Practice for battery preservation

    Hopefully Ford will have a clear manual on charging. My Hyundai Kona has a lifetime warranty on the 64 kWh battery. The manual says the following: Charging Time Information CHARGING INFORMATION Level 2 AC Charging Takes approx. 9 hours 35 minutes at room temperature when charged to 100%. DC...
  18. It's only my opinion. Not based on any FACTS

    I can see that your grasp of chargers is about the same as your grasp of economic analysis. 😀 Charge rate is in units of power: kW. A kWh is a unit of energy. Even a L1 charger can deliver 150 kWh if you leave it plugged into a 150 kWh battery long enough. When you say that the baseline...
  19. It's only my opinion. Not based on any FACTS

    You have a point. However, I have never stopped at just purchase price when looking at the "economics" of car buying, which is what you seem to be doing. I was trained to look at life cycle cost of ownership, you either lack that training or don't care. A valid economic analysis of cost of...
  20. It's only my opinion. Not based on any FACTS

    I guess we don't live in the same worlds, LYTMCQ. I tend to get full featured, highly safe cars. The last ICE I bought 2 years ago was mid-40's, top of the line equipment. The EV I purchased last year with mostly the same features and safety equipment was also in the mid-40's, before the...