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  1. timbop

    ABRP Showing 150kw EA chargers as 50kw

    Anybody else having a problem with abetterrouteplanner showing EA's 150kw chargers as 50kw? I noticed it last night, and I don't think it's anything dumb I did, but maybe it is? EA's useless website doesn't show the amperage of the chargers, but I KNOW I've previously seen the one at the...
  2. timbop

    Question about EA "Stations" vs "usable connectors"

    For those of you who've charged at EA stations before, I am a little confused about the difference between the number of EA stations and how many cars can concurrently charge. In the example pictures below of an EA station Lake City FL it is clear that there are 4 "stations", but each one has 2...
  3. timbop

    Anybody get pricing on Select packages 67A and/or 67V?

    All, I emailed my dealer but I don't expect to hear from him as a matter of course. Has anybody heard from their dealers on the pricing of these packages (comfort/appearance or comfort/technology)? Better yet do any of you insiders have that information?
  4. timbop

    POLL: Converting reservation to an order?

    I/m curious to see how people's feelings have changed over the last 7 months regarding their original choice, and how they feel about pulling the trigger on the Mach E. You can change your answer anytime
  5. timbop

    Second meter for home charging?

    I'm wondering if anyone else has a second meter with time-of-use billing for their EV? I have 200 amp service, but the Mrs has been bugging me for years to put in a hot tub, which typically requires a 50 Amp 240 volt circuit. I've already got dual air conditioners on 40 amp circuits, as well as...
  6. timbop

    Any experience with Active-X material?

    I know that Ford has ActiveX material on at least some 2020 models, and possibly previous years as well. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with it? In particular, I am curious if it is hot in the summer or cold in the winter?
  7. timbop

    Ford financing rates this winter/next spring?

    I am by no means a finance guy, but I was anticipating all the cheap financing available now to continue to some extent through until next spring - not 0% for 84 months cheap but at least lower than the February 2020 rates. However, there is apparently a pending glut of used cars between those...
  8. timbop

    Can somebody with a BEV check my math for computing range?

    I'm trying to figure out realistic range with a Mach-E standard range with both RWD and AWD configurations. It is clear that the simple single number from either EPA or WLTP calculations doesn't really help given the massive variability in EV performance based on use and conditions. It seems...
  9. timbop

    Anyone know if Mach-E is at Baltimore or Philly shows this weekend (feb7th/8th)?

    My dealer told me back in January that there would be an E at the philly auto show, but the website has 20 Ford vehicles but not the Mach E. I tried to IM them but they are ignoring the question. If anyone sees an E at either show, can you post that confirmation? thanks!
  10. timbop

    Anyone else get the "Nice Choice!" email from Ford? SYNC 4A name revealed.

    When I made my reservation, I also opted for the "keep me informed" list. I got an email from them tonight, but it basically just takes you to the mach-E landing page that hasn't changed one iota. Among other things the email says "we’ll continue to send you all the latest and greatest Mustang...
  11. timbop

    Any range factors experience?

    As an "EV virgin", I am hoping to hear from those with existing EV's about their experiences with respect to range penalties. I realize no one has experience with the Mach E and "your experience may vary", but I am looking for general experience. For example, from what I've gathered highway...
  12. timbop

    NJ enacts rebates up to $5000 on EV and PHEV under $55000

    Today New Jersey's governor signed a new bill giving rebates up to $5000 on EV/PHEV, and addition of charging stations on major roads:
  13. timbop

    FIXED: Seems like has wrong pricing for EA with SR battery

    Using, I mapped out a round trip from NJ to Charleston, SC. I was stunned to see that the 1346 mile trip would cost me $230, until I started looking into the math. It was computing a 99 cent/minute charging fee - which is EA's rate for OVER 125kw charging. The standard...