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  1. PSaulet

    Ayrton78 from France

    Small presentation as desired, Pascal alias Ayrton78, 50, amateur of motorsport, equestrian and canine. Amateur practitioner on track in Caterham of which I have 3. From France, reside in the Yvelines a small village adjoining the Rambouillet forest. Married, father of 3 children. Looking forward.
  2. PSaulet

    Dyson, the aborted competitor

    In French but the video is in English, new images of the aborted VE Dyson ..... Dyson
  3. PSaulet

    Ford partners with Vw in Europe for EV

    News relayed by a French site, Ford and Vw joint force for EV in Europe
  4. PSaulet

    French-style recovery plan !!!!

    Well we will wait for the European directives when the revival of the automotive sector via EVs, cancellation of the VAT, if it is done because our dear president Micron 1st has yet given birth to the mountain of a mouse ..... Premium capped, differentiated from professional vs individual ...
  5. PSaulet

    Référencement pré-commandes en France

    F78- Ayrton78 - MME AWD LR Gris Iconic (prévision de remplacement par Gris Carbonized)
  6. PSaulet

    No carryover of CO2 2020 target
  7. PSaulet

    French Orders - exchanges on the evolution of this one

    If there are French people who have pre-booked an MME, follow the evolution of this order, finalized, delivered. Your opinions, remarks ...
  8. PSaulet


    Hello, Does anyone know the towing capacity with braked and unbraked trailer? With thanks