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  1. Raymondjram

    Cadillac Lyriq EV pricing begins at $60,000

    The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV will begin pricing at $60,000 according to the post at GM authority: With some extra options the price may reach $70,000. This is a high price but competes with foreign EV offerings...
  2. Raymondjram

    'Audio wizardry' with optional engine noise / sound in Mach-E cabin

    It is relevant to me because I am in a territory with different vehicle laws, and that specific "law" you mention doesn't apply to us. So, until a change in our law (22) happens and requires such noisemakers, I can disable it. I know that the few EVs here ( including Teslas) make no noise.
  3. Raymondjram

    'Audio wizardry' with optional engine noise / sound in Mach-E cabin

    I don't care about any external sounds. There is no law here in Puerto Rico that requires cars to make noises, anyway. We have plenty of noise going on as it is. I will not add to it. If I cannot turn it off under the options menu, I will find the way to remove or disable the sound source. If...
  4. Raymondjram

    Ford Kuga Battery Fires.

    I read this news at Ford Authority minutes ago. I am worried because I am interested in the Lincoln Corsair PHEV model for my wife who wants a SUV, but she doesn't like the Mustang Mach-E even thogh she drove a 1980 Mustang before. Her taste really changed in 40 years! Edit: I read the article...
  5. Raymondjram

    Mach-E 1400 Prototype Revealed with 1400 Peak Horsepower

    I haven't seen my recording yet, but I am bothered that an imported brand can run in a "North American" (the first initials of NASCAR) race. Seems that Toyota paid millons to allow ther cars to race. And as always, money talks more than nationalism. But I am extremely happy that Ford Mustangs...
  6. Raymondjram

    'Audio wizardry' with optional engine noise / sound in Mach-E cabin

    An electric motor should generate no noise at all. Electrical devices generate noises due to the reduction gears. That is the whine you hear, which gets higher with revolutions, like a turbine. I prefer no noise at all. We have plenty of audio contamination, and I prefer to listen to music...
  7. Raymondjram

    Mach-E 1400 Prototype Revealed with 1400 Peak Horsepower

    I have the NBC HD channel on my local cable service, so I will record the event today at 4:00 PM and watch when the Mach-E appears. I do hope that Ford promotes this everywhere as much as possible, such that this EV can compete at NASCAR events next year. Then Ford must show the world that...
  8. Raymondjram

    The electric “gas can” is here!

    That actually happened to my 1975 Chevy Vega Kammback Wagon, when the underside of the gas tank was punctured. My brother-in-law suggested using a soap bar to seal the hole (gasoline cannot dissolve soap) and I managed to get home with the remaining gasoline. I had to remove the tank, and sealed...
  9. Raymondjram

    240 Volt Charger in old Oven Circuit Breaker

    Maybe it will be cheaper to install the EVSE in the kitchen using the oven circuit and open a wall to park the Mach-E inside? Seriously, it depends on what your local electrician will charge, either per hour or for a full job quatation. In my case, my kitche wall is just six inches of concrete...
  10. Raymondjram

    Win a First Edition Mustang Mach-E From Ability Connection Colorado

    Wow! They had a donation from the future! The correct wording should be '"will be donated". You cannot "donate" what you don't have yet.
  11. Raymondjram

    Will 2021 EVs have similar value as NonEVs in 2031 used market?

    You are missing EV owners who have a photoelectric power system in their homes, which can charge their EV for pennies per charge. They are the one who can "refuel" cheaper than any fossil or synthetic fuel source. Only hydrogen generated from renewable sources can eventually compete against EVs...
  12. Raymondjram

    Will 2021 EVs have similar value as NonEVs in 2031 used market?

    The value of a used EV is relative and tends to be subjective to the buyers. One can sell their used EV at the original factory price any time after it was originally bought. And someone will pay for it. So when your EV gets "old" and you wnat to sell it, you don't have to accept the assumed...
  13. Raymondjram

    Mach-E Software Designer Explains How They Studied Tesla Software

    That is what That is what I like about the "infotainment" system on my 2014 Fusion Hybrid. Almost all of the basic driver and passenger support functions can be controlled by the buttons on the sterring wheel, allowing me to change functions without removing my sight from the road. This...
  14. Raymondjram

    Preview of Mach-E’s Digital Interactive In-Vehicle Owner’s Guide

    Same for me. I would also want a digital PDF copy on my smartphone which allows me to search quickly using the Acrobat tools. For any job that I need to read while doing, I can upload the copy into my 10.5 inch Samsung tablet.
  15. Raymondjram


    I recommend buying and installing a full window shade with a metallic reflective surface. We are getting up to 92 F now, and my Fusion Hybrid is all black inside. The shade keeps it less than 90 F inside while parked outdoors, and saves the extra energy to cool it down. My shade even has the...
  16. Raymondjram

    One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    I have to test that out first. Some passengers, including my wife, may get dizzy or offended if I dirve an EV with strong regeneration. I believe it will feel as bad as shifting to "Low" from "Drive" in a gasoline engine car. The passengers will feel too much decceleration (reverse acceleration)...
  17. Raymondjram

    Physical car key

    I don't need one. My wife is my personal panic alarm.
  18. Raymondjram

    Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    Ford has two other products that will generate more sales than the Mach-E, perhaps more than all the Mustangs models ever will. They are the F-150 truck and the Bronco SUV. The F-150 by itself generates more then half of all Ford sales put together, selling one truck every minute or less. And...
  19. Raymondjram

    Key fob frunk access

    I hope you never lose your phone or lose the cell charge completely, or you will be left out and unable to drive the Mach-E or even get help. I lived over sixty years without a smart phone and learned to be independent, solving car problems by myself, so I can probabaly do better than you if...
  20. Raymondjram

    Key fob frunk access

    I do expect Ford to add the front trunk access through the keypad. It is simpler and faster than using the phone to look up that access and activating it. On my Fusion Hybrid, I just enter the fist five numbers to unlock, then press another to unlock the rear trunk (six one handed finger presses...