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  1. Shopping for a Home Charger

    I have had a Clipper Creek unit (plugging into an installed 240V outlet). Have had no problems for 3 years ( I have two different cars, a BEV and PHEV).
  2. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I currently also get a message from my car (Honda Clarity PHEV) to remind me to plug in if I have forgotten.
  3. Reservation Automatically Converted to Order Overnight

    I just checked my account and so far it is still a reservation. they have not converted it into an order at this time.
  4. Confirm by August 31st so your Mustang Mach‍-‍E can be prioritized for production

    I hope that those folks who have turned their reservation into an order, and who have gotten this email will keep the rest of us posted when Ford communicates with them. It will let those of us who are waiting to place an order (so as not to have the car come too early), get an idea of the time...
  5. Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    My reservation is with Vista Ford, in Vista, CA. I was advised by them that there is no ADM is you have an existing reservation.
  6. Production runs & line output guesstimates

    I beleive that the same is true for Select reservations - good to 12/31 to place an order.
  7. What're you upgrading from?

    2018 Honda Clarity PHEV - leased.
  8. Production runs & line output guesstimates

    Thanks for all of the info (and guesswork). I have delayed placing the order on my Select reservation so as not to get the car until end of Q1 2021 (to coincide with turning in my current leased EV).
  9. Delivery Date Moved to Q1 2021

    My reservation ID # is: 100341XX. From what I have seen in the MachE forum, I dont know if there is any rhyme or reason to the sequence. My reservation was made on 1/14/2020. I got the email about placing the order on 6/17/2020. I am trying to avoid the prospect of pay for two cars at the same...
  10. SoCal dealers accepting online orders, no ADM

    I am pretty sure that both Encinitas Ford and North County Ford (Vista) do not have an ADM if you already have a reservation.
  11. Update on Mach-E Production Progress in Cuautitlan Plant

    Thanks for keeping so many of us in the loop. !!
  12. Delivery Date Moved to Q1 2021

    I have had a reservation for the Select edition for awhile. When I first reserved, the anticipated delivery date was 1st QTR 2021 which coincides with my current car lease expiration. When the ability to order came up, I contacted my local Ford dealer (the one connected to my reservation) and he...
  13. GT Mass email - confirms starting order and delivery dates

    I have a reservation for the Select edition. I currently have a leased vehicle with the lease to end in April 2021. When the delivery dates were first announced, the 1st QTR of 2021 made sense. I went to my Ford dealer yesterday and was told that the Select edition delivery is 12 weeks from...
  14. First Real Life Outdoor Look at Infinite Blue Color on Mach-E

    Really like the color - glad I selected it.
  15. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    I got the order info sent to me, but my lease on my car (that the MachE will be replacing) doesn't end until April/May 2021. I was worried about placing the order too soon, having the car arrive and then paying on two vehicles. I have reserved the Select - standard range - Infinite Blue. I had...