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  1. JamieGeek

    Crickets at the MCOA

    Ford Mustang: Price, Comfort, Performance....pick 2.
  2. JamieGeek

    Compare the Different models cosmetically

    Wow you guys have particular tastes. They all look good to me and I'd take any of them LOL. That Red though.... :p Oh wait my Bolt is red 🤷‍♂️
  3. JamieGeek

    Battery-boosted charger shows a model for filling in fast-charging gaps

    The problem with those is that they will need some down time in between charges for the boost to charge back up. Thus if you're in line to charge behind someone you may still have to wait after they leave for the charger to charge up before being able to charge your car. Which means they...
  4. JamieGeek

    Shopping for a Home Charger

    Note that the EVSE is a GFCI that is part of its function--to stop the high voltage high current flow safely in the event of an issue (ground fault).
  5. JamieGeek

    The new Nissan EV has a CCS charging port. Should Electrify America stop building CHAdeMo charger ports?

    I would suspect that there is an authentication that happens when a Tesla plugs into one of the Superchargers (since Tesla can turn individual cars on/off from the network). Thus you could build something that matches Tesla's vehicle connector but without being part of their network the car may...
  6. JamieGeek

    GM and EVgo announce network expansion

    With a range of 400 miles or more now you have other issues: Level-2 charging isn't fast enough to fully charge that much battery overnight (cars aren't getting more efficient, batteries are getting bigger). Thus you can't just stay the night at a hotel and wake up to another 400 miles--you'll...
  7. JamieGeek

    GM and EVgo announce network expansion

    It is doubtful that demand will decrease: Sure EV ranges are increasing but EV Sales (hopefully) will increase faster. Thus more EVs on the road the greater demand for charging (even if only a small % of them take road trips long enough to require fast charging there still will be more of them)...
  8. JamieGeek

    Chevy Bolt and Mach E quick comparision

    Yeah the Bolt really isn't a compelling option these days as it lacks much of the tech other EVs have. Thus it will only really sell when prices are low enough to account for "entry level EV" if you will.
  9. JamieGeek

    'Audio wizardry' with optional engine noise / sound in Mach-E cabin

    Not if you pull the fuse... 🤷‍♂️
  10. JamieGeek

    Driveway Dealership by Ford

    They already did that with the Mach-E:
  11. JamieGeek

    'Audio wizardry' with optional engine noise / sound in Mach-E cabin

    My Focus Electric was an early one before they even considered the legislation. As such it had no speaker and made no noise. We had one of those experiences with it: Going down a residential street and came upon a group of teenages walking down the middle of the street and slowly crept up...
  12. JamieGeek

    EPA range and efficiency of MME

    I think the intent of the EPA rating wasn't to judge range but to judge the relative efficiency between various vehicles. Since they all are tested using the same methodolgy a rated range (or efficiency) can be compared to a different vehicle from a different manufacturer. Granted it would be...
  13. JamieGeek

    Shopping for a Home Charger

    Granted I'm in Michigan and my wiring was done back in 2013 but: My EV plug in the garage doesn't have a GFCI on it. It goes straight from the plug to the breakers. I walked around with the city inspector when they came for final inspection and he didn't mention a thing about GFCI (it is...
  14. JamieGeek

    BorgWarner supplying integrated drive module for Mach-E

    So all this arguing is about this quote in Borg Warner's press release: It is also possible that the front drive unit for non-GT AWD cars isn't a Borg Warner unit. Then that would make sense with this quote (and the fact that Ford has been saying all along that the front motor is the same as...
  15. JamieGeek

    Mach-E Door Chime Sound Heard in Video

    Sigh, I'd rather have the chimes off of the Lincoln Aviator: Ford/Lincoln had the Detroit Symphony Orchestra come up with the chimes: Yeah ok granted the music is a bit more appropriate for a Lincoln than a Mustang LOL.
  16. JamieGeek

    'Audio wizardry' with optional engine noise / sound in Mach-E cabin

    Perhaps, on the Bolt "turning off" the pedestrian alert is a simple fuse pull that disables an external speaker (it also disables a small "chirp" when you use the keyfob to lock/unlock the car). It is possible Ford will also do something similar where the only function on that fuse is the...
  17. JamieGeek

    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Should I ask if there will be a smattering of CA Rt1's or Selects in that list or will it all be premiums??
  18. JamieGeek

    Mach-E streaming?

    I would expect Sync4a to simply be the next generation of Sync (with a few additions because its an EV): Sync 3 had both Android Auto and Apple Carplay but they were wired--Ford has said S4a both will be functional via bluetooth--an improvement Navigation: Sounds like it will have better nav in...
  19. JamieGeek

    Mach-E streaming?

    In one of the early demos they showed an app screen that was filled with icons (I'm sure it was all dummyied up). Isn't copying Tesla not kind of the point: To be better than someone you have to innovate and come up with new/better ideas, not merely copy them. Ah yeah here it is: AccuWeather...
  20. JamieGeek

    New cars can stay in their lane—but might not stop for parked cars

    Hmmm ya think there is a reason we don't have flying cars by now?? LOL (er apart from the huge physics/energy draw problem LOL).