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  1. Too early to reserve? (Mach E wanted 7/2021)

    Great to hear. You can still order by just going to Ford website. If you are outside the US, there is a different process for your country.

    Thank you. You and Hybridrev are my resident experts. Well, there are a lot of thoughtful and knowledgeable members.

    This sounds great. Can you explain the significance of or difference between drivable units from these versus drivability of the prototypes?
  4. X plan eligibility question

    That is correct. I just deducted it from the final cost but should have made note that the tax credit applies to tax return the following year. Thanks for clarifying that.
  5. X plan eligibility question

    It looks like my dealer will honor the X-plan. My company offers this through benefits. On top of this, I get an additional $1,000 discount for getting an EV. I am hoping that I will be able to save over $10K on this deal: 1. X-Plan = 2% off MSRP plus $275 2. EV company discount = $1,000 3...
  6. Ford Performance Teases RTR Mach-E Mustang Collaboration, Reveal Coming 7/21

    I know that based on posts, the reveal is scheduled for 11AM Eastern. Does anyone have a link? Thanks
  7. Mach-E 1400 Prototype Revealed with 1400 Peak Horsepower

    This is freaking FIRE!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    I am not sure but I think there is a portal for the dealer to sign in. The Ford Hotline rep did say that if they have issues with that, they should reach out to the Dealer Service Center at Ford for assistance.
  9. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Although I placed my order on the day it was open to do so, my dealer finally accepted my order yesterday. Car sold with no ADM and there was a note that indicated that X-plan pricing eligible. What I find is that dealers are not fully knowledgeable of the process. It took me 3 or 4 calls...
  10. What're you upgrading from?

    I am replacing my 2017 Ford Explorer sport
  11. NY state rebate?

    I check out the same and I am expecting the same for the First Edition as well. It also says the "Base" MSRP which falls below the $60,000. Hopefully, they will add to the list of cars to confirm this. I am not sure who you work for, but you should check for corporate discount. My company...
  12. I found this official financing for the MME

    Are you referring to the $7,500 federal tax credit. This would be a great idea, but I am not sure how that is possible since you have to purchase first and then file for the tax credit. Unless, it assumes one of two things: 1. Ford will eat the $7,500 up front which doesn't make sense 2. We...
  13. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    I know they may say overseas transport would add to delays, but I am hoping (and praying) that Ford get the ordering process started as soon as possible for you and all of our other international fellow members. At the very least, ramp up communication via emails or calls.
  14. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    100071xx 6/27/20 USA (NY) First Edition Rapid Red Extended range
  15. Order site is up!

    Order for First Edition made. Order number was same as my reservation.. 100071xx It looks like the dealer did not add additional charge (ADM) to the price. I am curious if anyone else has a base MSRP of $59,300 with Rapid Red option of $400. I was actually happy to see that it was below...
  16. Other Discounts

    The company I work for has a discount program with for EV purchase/lease. If all discounts apply to the Mach E, then I would be eligible for X-plan as well as the additional $1000 EV discount. I am also hoping I can add the $7500 fed credit and $2000 New York State credit (>120 miles range...
  17. 2021 Mustang Mach-E Models / Trims and Availability Dates

    Also here is a First Edition promo video I found on Ford site. The above discussion is of interest to me as well since I have a FE reservation.
  18. Ford Notifies Mach-E Reservers of Order Completion “In The Next Few Days”

    Yes, this is definitely a mystery. I currently have a lease with Ford and did not get pre-approval limit in my email. I will call my dealer today to see what information I can glean from them.
  19. POLL: Converting reservation to an order?

    Good initial questions. Thanks for sharing.
  20. POLL: Converting reservation to an order?

    I hope things work out for you as well as benboy12. Like many folks, I have been WFH since early March. My company issued that directive before NYS. With that my COMMUTE mileage will be down from 10K to about 2K if i decide to go in 2 days per week. However, that said, I plan to increase...