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  1. Roof glass and A/C

    Yup. Can't change physics. I'd prefer a steel roof, but I can't get that with the Extended Range battery, so if I have to have a glass roof, I'd prefer a power shade, but I can't get that either.
  2. What is your threshold?

    I would hope Ford is not putting software out into the world without at 10 year lifespan for updates. That seems like the bare minimum for an updatable car.
  3. Mach-E GT Performance Edition Specs and Looks Revealed. 0-60 in 3.5

    Is that true, though? How come the Model Y Performance can be exactly as fast, the same size, lighter, and deliver over miles more range? I don't think Ford did every optimization possible here. I'd upgrade to the GT at 300 mi. 235 is a non-starter.
  4. Mach-E GT Performance Edition Specs and Looks Revealed. 0-60 in 3.5

    That's my big issue with the GT. I'd love the Mach-E GT but 235 isn't going to cut it for me.
  5. What is your threshold?

    I expect software updates on the cadence I'm used to with my current car, average every 3.5 weeks. I expect those software updates to contain a steady stream of improvements and behind-the-scenes bugfixes, along with occasional larger drops with free new features and content. I will feel that...
  6. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    Why can we assume that there will be incentives on Mach-E but not on ID.4? MSRP to MSRP or you're being misleading, IMO Heck, why not say "incentives" on Mach-E "could" lower the price below a Leaf? It "could" happen... Reminds me of those sunday paper dealer ads from when I was a kid...
  7. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    The Ford standard, now.
  8. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    The price is also a big difference. 3 seconds for $11k doesn't seem like the best use of my $11k, honestly. Of course the rest of the Mach-E is better too, but for that much more money, the Mach-E *HAS* to be faster, otherwise why bother with the extra cash for it? I don't really get that...
  9. Selectable AWD? Has this been asked?

    A lot of cost for not a lot of benefit, so no clutches involved.
  10. Selectable AWD? Has this been asked?

    With independent 1-speed e-transaxles, you can't actually "freewheel" either axle. There's no "neutral" gear for them, the motor always spins when the wheels spin, so there's no advantage to "turning one off" so to speak. If they put an actual transmission on it with shifters, etc. the extra...
  11. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    Rear drums are pretty smart, IMO. They're basically useless on a BEV when 99% of the time regen alone works. It's rare I need to press the brake pedal at all on the 3 with One-Pedal Driving, and the brakes definitely get a bit rusty when they sit unused. I suspect more BEVs will go this way for...
  12. Nikola Badger open for reservations

    I hope this means the hydrogen hype phase is coming to an end. The rest of the BEV startups are a mix of competent management and huge (IMO) potential, like Rivian and Lucid, and those that are, charitably, best described as wishful thinking like Lordstown.
  13. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    Hi :) Still watching my ID.4 and Mach-E orders to see which gets here first. Haven't decided which to buy. Looking like Mach-E will get here first and be the one that forces my hand to make a decision.
  14. SYNC 4A web site now up and running

    Too bad they didn't give each buyer a choice. Nobody ever asked me what I wanted, I'd have said unlimited EA charging in a heartbeat over a MSRP drop.
  15. Shot Photo Gallery of Grabber Blue Mach-E 4x First Edition

    Yup. I see no reason to carry it around whatsoever. Hopefully they don't waste the money giving two out now that PAAK is a thing.
  16. Illegal emissions tampering on diesel trucks is rampant

    Yeah, I know they're not given the funding. It was a somewhat rhetorical question venting my frustration that these idiots are getting away with their emissions tampering.
  17. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    Oh, but it actually can. That's where the frustration comes from. Cyber Orange is already loaded into the paint booth. They can just program the robot to pick a non-glass roof body from the ASRS, drop it into paint, paint it Cyber Orange, and send it down the line like a normal Premium. I...
  18. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    I'm not pouting or mad. We disagree, that's all. I'm stating my wishes in the hopes that someone from Ford marketing lurks here and reacts to them in time for me to still get what I want from Ford in exchange for more money. It will be Ford leaving money on the table. The Mach-E is a better...
  19. Remoted controlled parking

    Why would it have to be on public roads? People use Tesla Summon into and out of tight garage spaces, or even to have their car pull through a puddle in a parking lot so they can get in easier. Neither of those uses involve public roads.
  20. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    I'm a loyal Ford fan, from a Ford family, from a Ford town. I bleed Ford blue. Ford didn't offer me a BEV (a usable one) in 2018, so I had to buy my first-ever non-Ford, the Model 3. As much as I truly love Ford, I don't love them thousands of dollars more for the same kind of vehicle and...