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  1. GT Mach-E MagneRide suspension -- can you owners comment on the suspension of the regular GT? Especially vs Premium ME?

    The magneride has different tuning with each drive mode. Unbridled being the the sportiest/stiffest.
  2. Grabber Blue Base Mach-E GT Spied

    Most people haven't noticed but the GT has a way more aggressive front splitter than the non GT mach. More downforce plus looks waaaaaay sexier. That is my favorite part + the air curtains.
  3. Touch up paint

    Here you go. Official space white touch up avaialble from Ford
  4. Mach E Select Creak and

    I had a similar issue as OP and i isolated the sound it to the front passenger seat belt buckle. Was able to verify that was it because when I pivot the buckle so that is wedged between the side of the seat and center console with no room to move the noise goes away.
  5. What the heck calculator and note pad?

    will come through next OTA update.
  6. Ambient Temperature High Warning

    The drive mode not available means you are temporarily restricted to Engage mode. It will self recover on its own. I assume system was waiting to cool battery?
  7. Mach-e trims - panoramic roof vs range

    The mach e premium has low e coating glass roof AND windshield. It fares way better in heat than tesla.
  8. Frustrated with Paak & FOB

    Here's the OM. you should be able to turn off the sound in settings. You can hear/see mirros fold in as confirmation it locked.
  9. Frustrated with Paak & FOB

    walk away lock works 100% of the time for me. Are you sure you are walking away far enough for it to lock? Also you can turn it off in the vehicle settings menu on the center display
  10. What is the CPU model of the infotainment system?

    Show me an iphone or any smartphone that will last 10+ years while enduring -40C to 100+ C temperatures, harsh vibrations, robust to scratches, endure cyclic humidity, etc. Automotive grade hardware is magnitudes more expensive than compute found in handheld devices. Automakers can easily make...
  11. BMW gets in the game

    Sevan vs small crossover. Mach E is much cheaper on that front.
  12. Glass roof sunshade now available

    Not needed. The Mach E glass roof is tinted really well and barely lets any heat in.
  13. Siri and Carplay

    Yup, short press for ford voice assistant and press and hold for SIri when carplay is enabled.
  14. Lane Keeping - not sure I'm a fan

    DId you have LANCE CENTERING ON? LANE KEEP ASSIST != LANE CENTERING. The fact that people dont understand this is scary.
  15. Interesting Crowd Reactions

    When driving at slow speeds in my neighborhood, I encountered countless dudes walking their dogs breaking their necks to take a look with their jaws agape when I pass by. Maybe it's the AVAS sound, maybe it's the unique design but people are really surprised when they see it rolling IRL.
  16. 260 Miles+ range on RWD select!

    No i charged 20 min in between. Didn't look at my efficiency but I think I was getting at least 230 miles ay 70-75. Did some drafting (nothing dangerous) which probably helped as well
  17. 260 Miles+ range on RWD select!

    Just drove 300+ highway miles average 75 mph then plugged in overnight and woke up to 264 mile range. I'm averaging much better than EPA rating (230 Miles) so far in essentially every driving scenario. Good weather and cruise control will make the most out of the pack.
  18. Texas Tesla Tragedy

    This makes me so upset. I blame a large part of this on Elon and Tesla. This is what happens when you hype something up using misleading names like "full self driving" and promote hands free videos on a system that is not even hands free. No engineering ethics in the way they do business.
  19. TFL: Ford Mustang Mach-E vs. Tesla Model Y: Did Ford Build A BETTER Tesla?

    Also people who say lack of buttons is better and more modern drive me crazy. Hard switch's are quickly becoming a luxury features because of boneheads who fall for this boujey marketing that lack of hard buttons is modern and futuristic. Hard switch's are infinitely better, do you prefer gaming...