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  1. RVAtom

    3.29.0 Fordpass update just released

    I updated on Android 11 and it seems like maybe the app isn't hitting the battery as hard. My phone isn't hot to the touch, and Fordpass isn't the top battery user. Feels like progress maybe.
  2. RVAtom

    Best charging strategy

    At one point I had a bit of trouble with the charge % settings not sticking, and it got better when I deleted my home location and started over. Something must have been funny about what it had saved as home at first.
  3. RVAtom

    My first attempt to charge anywhere but at home. No go.

    Yes most will require that you have an app on your phone. Some may also have a credit card reader at the charger that you can use without the app on your phone. That can be a little hit and miss though.
  4. RVAtom

    Consistently Fails to Charge Overnight

    After the first time I had this happen, I decided to make all of my changes to the schedule in the car, rather than the app, to remove a layer of complexity. This time in an attempt to try something different, I made my change at the beginning of the day Monday, so I drove around Monday...
  5. RVAtom

    Consistently Fails to Charge Overnight

    Yesterday was the third time I have had this exact thing happen, so I am thinking there is some sort of bug with the charging software. I keep my car set to charge between midnight and five AM seven days a week, and I only charge to 80% most of the time. However on three separate occasions, I...
  6. RVAtom

    Dealer Service Using PAAK

    It would be nice if there was some way you could use your phone that has PAAK to grant some dealer owned device access to your car, that you could also revoke from the Fordpass app. If you could walk in with your phone, and use NFC to boop something the dealer could use for 24/48/however many...
  7. RVAtom

    Child car seats

    We have a convertible car seat currently rear facing in my MME. We have 2 separate car seats, and the one in my wife's car is nicer. They both fit well, but I will say my somewhat chunkier seat doesn't leave a ton of room between the top of the car door opening, and the top of the car seat...
  8. RVAtom

    SSM 49730 - Phone As A Key (PAAK) Concerns Of Bluetooth Disconnected, UnableTo Start, Backup Code Needed And/Or Key Not Detected

    Good to know. I recently got the fob from my wife, and am using that rather than PAAK. Now I know I don't need to go out of my way to get an appointment to get this update.
  9. RVAtom

    Deciding on range / trim

    There is a tool called A Better Route Planner that does exactly what you are looking for. It might take a little bit of work going through the different options yourself and setting up profiles for different vehicles, but it is great for planning drives based on charging stops.
  10. RVAtom

    Mach-E reviews by Sandy Munro the teardown King - "Ford Can Be Proud Of This"

    Agreed. I am only vaguely aware of this guy, but I know he did some teardowns some time back. How does he get cars? Is this a press vehicle maybe? Or did he/his company purchase one to tear down?
  11. RVAtom

    Foot Activated Rear Hatch

    I'll chime in that I have had a pretty hard time with it. It seems to work better for my wife who has the actual fob, rather than me using phone as a key. For me with PAAK, it has worked maybe 10% of the time. I will admit to having done a pretty dramatic foot wave back and forth, not a kick...
  12. RVAtom

    1PD ... why do you use it?

    I like using one pedal drive, but I must not be good at it. Somehow, my range is worse with it turned on than if I have it off. I have a pretty short commute, with some stoplights, so you would think it would be a good setup, but I turned off one pedal about a week ago and my range seems to be...
  13. RVAtom

    How long can i leave Mach e unplugged?

    Mine did the same thing when it was getting PPF done last week as well. Freaked me out too. When I got there to pick up my car was sitting out front looking great, so I am guessing they didn't have any trouble with it. Over the 4 days it was at the shop, it dropped 0% battery.
  14. RVAtom

    Ford Tests BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving in “Mother of All Road Trips” Ahead of Mach-E OTA Software Update

    Thanks for finding that. It is interesting that there are quite a few places where there is just a fuzzy blue dot, not connected to other roads. I wonder what the mileage of the dots added together is. How much of the 100k miles are made up of <5 mile long strips of roads out there I wonder.
  15. RVAtom

    SSM 49730 - Phone As A Key (PAAK) Concerns Of Bluetooth Disconnected, UnableTo Start, Backup Code Needed And/Or Key Not Detected

    2 questions. 1) Does this mean I could roll into the dealership and ask them to update my MME per SSM 49730 and there is a chance my PAAK might work better. 1b) How long would this take? Am I talking drop off and come back? Or wait in the waiting area for <1hr? 2) More rhetorically, I wonder...
  16. RVAtom

    Anyone else noticing a rattle in the dash when traveling on bumpy roads?

    Mine was the sunglasses in the storage pod up top. That (brief) rattle was unnerving though for sure!
  17. RVAtom

    Someone requesting Fordpass access

    Good to know. I'm not surprised there is some built in safety from the developers.
  18. RVAtom

    Someone requesting Fordpass access

    I have someone who is requesting access to my car in Fordpass now. They requested yesterday and I declined, and now they have requested twice today. I guess all it takes is the VIN to request that correct? I think I am going to not decline this latest request, and just delete the request...
  19. RVAtom

    Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    At least with the Fordpass app you (and Ford) have a charging history that shows where you charged, how long, how much etc. You have a good bit of data to show them that at least should help them realize they need to give some good attention.
  20. RVAtom

    My Mach-E did not charge last night!

    The night before my road trip I was really nervous about exactly this scenario and actually woke up at 2:15 am, looked and my phone and Ford pass said not charging. It also said it would be done charging Jan 1 at 8 am or something. I ran out to the garage and unplugged and replugged and deleted...