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  1. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    No idea. I am not a fan of ChargePoint on the road and my home one is fine except for having to plug and re plug but it is way cheaper than ford one
  2. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    I plug it in and it will not actually charge so I have to unplug and re plug it in. This happens 4 out of 5 times. Frustrating.
  3. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    The Ford charge station is THE most expensive one on the market. I have ChargePoint for a lot less and when EV gets theirs in stock I will change to them.
  4. Charging and heat

    When I come home and turn my car off the vents open and I hear a noise. Based on the threads mentioned above the car turns on the A/c pump to cool the batteries down. I have mine set to 100% because I drive to and from LA about 1-3 times per week. I only charge at home when it is either at 12%...
  5. Charging and heat

    I have 2 MMEs and I live in Bakersfield, California. In the past three weeks it has been between 105 to 118. Prior to this charging on both cars to a max of 100% was 260-280. Now with the heat our max on both cars is 218. I think the difference is entirely due to high temperatures.
  6. San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    I apologize. EA is Electrify America
  7. San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    Yes. If you open the EA app for that location BEFORE you pull up it will tell you which chargers are available as well as their charge such as 50/150/350. If it is taken or broken it will state UNAVAILABLE.
  8. San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    It is on a 350 it is on a 350 at EA. Normally it is too quick to do anything but most are located in super Walmart and so can use the restroom or grab a fast bite. Once you pull up and plug in the charger both recognizes the car and authorizes it. I look on my dash to see how many miles are...
  9. San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    Actually i have done 70/75/80.....on the I-5. 75 is the sweet spot and you do not have to charge as often. Over a 300 mile trip I charged for all of 8 minutes for $7.75. I can deal with the loss of 8 minutes plus maybe another 6 to get off of the freeway and back on. In short 300 miles at $7.75...
  10. San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    EXACTLY.......thank you
  11. San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    I drive the I5 many times a week. Yes you have idiots going 95 but at cruise at 75 I am fine. It is a choice. I have never had any issues about power or running low on battery etc. the bottom line is that it is a choice. I see sooooo many new EA stations going up both in Bakersfield and along...
  12. San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    I forgot to Mention as was said earlier. 75 MPH is THE sweet spot. At 80 it falls off a cliff. I also check the miles/ KWH graph regularly and reset it after every charge. If you stay above 2.2-2.6 you are good. 1.9 and less and you will be charging more often. Use cruise control as much as...
  13. San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    I do NOT use the app for road trips. I go the my car and do it there. It gives me 3 options including charge stations. I then put the cities into my EA app to make sure that they are EA. On route I randomly check EA site for upcoming cities. Whether the car says I need it or not I will pull in...
  14. GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    I LOVE I LOVE Galpin. I have bought ALL of my cars since 2006 including my 2 MMEs. Thansk...I iwll call them. WOW...DUHHHHHH never thought about that.
  15. San Jose to LA trip -- not so good

    I have driven round trip to Houston and back...3800 miles with zero issues. The problem is not ford but the operator. Please let me explain. 1. When you set up navigation in your ford navigation both in the car as well as on the app you need to specify SPECIFICALLY which type of chargers you...
  16. Select standard range RWD vs Premium extended range RWD

    My wife has the Premium AWD with the larger battery. Apparently she must have gotten an update last night. Previously her max charge was 250. Today it is 308. When we bought it, the max rate was 270. 308 is huge for AWD. I cannot wait until tonight when I do my FE. My last update took me form...
  17. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    I agree. It is just really cool.
  18. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    I was charging g the other day in Santa Clarita at EA and when I got my FE I was the only one charging. Now I see two to three cars charging next to me. This time it was a new ID4. We were talking and he told me that VW gave him UNLIMITED FREE CHARGING FOR 3 years. Well I was impressed.