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  1. Rapid Red Mach-E GT delivered to house, FE taken away. PAAK finally works, and Frunk button in app works too!

    Well, first of all. All of this sounds like it is coming with the OTA update (PaaK issues, frunk button in fordpass, etc). Second, how are people getting stranded when you literally setup a pin to enter the door of the car, and a password you can type into the center panel to start the vehicle...
  2. Ford Motor Company Introduction 🏢

    Hopefully Ford eventually has a forum of some kind where they can verify VINs of actual customers, and use it as a way for bugs and issues to be filed.
  3. Ford Motor Company Introduction 🏢

    Hahahaha, Ford opened the floodgates with this post! Welcome to the forum! I second any information that can be provided for how to provide feedback on bugs and issues. So we can help assist with the improvement process. I'd love to see more logging exposed through the touchscreen, so we can be...
  4. An email exchange with Darren Palmer of Team Edison

    How did you get his email address?
  5. 2022 Mach-E changes?

    They should add seat/steering wheel cooling.
  6. My (good) first impression using Electrify America fast charging for the first time

    Problem I had was that for some reason I couldn't just plugin a charge cable at EA, and swipe a credit card to charge. I had to either setup Ford Pass, which seems to be a PITA. Or I had to create an account with EA, so I could "swipe first" in the EA app to initiate charging, and then plugin...
  7. Ambient Light Missing in Settings

    Very odd. I wish we could easily see the software version we have. My FE has the ambient light settings.
  8. Ford is paying attention to these forums! Customer Service reached out to me to offer help

    Having only driven Fords too. I can say I was frustrated with the wait. I was in an accident in Nov and needed a car asap. I would have originally still been waiting until May. Luckily I bought a grabber blue first edition off a lot sooner. The car is very different than the sedans I've had...
  9. Adaptive cruise popping noise?

    Yeah, it is just surprising to someone who has never had a car with adaptive cruise. Before my MME, I was driving a 2009 Ford Focus. So it never had any of this stuff. And when you hear that noise, it sounds like something could be broken or not working right, so I am glad when others can chime...
  10. Adaptive cruise popping noise?

    Hey man, this post was really helpful. If you have heard it on other vehicles, then I guess it makes me worry less? It isn't the kind of sound I was expecting to hear, and thought something might be wrong. But you are right, it does activate as the car seems to be braking harder. So in gentle...
  11. Adaptive cruise popping noise?

    Has anyone else heard a weird popping noise in the floor when adaptive cruise is braking and comes to a complete stop?
  12. Received a Mach-E First Edition surprise gift! 3D printed fractal pony with VIN display.

    I just received mine for my grabber blue today. And yeah, I bought mine off the lot. So pretty sure everyone who buys one will get one.
  13. Any early adopters with buyer remorse?

    I think the dash electronics noise can be reduced if you mess with the dash brightness buttons on the left side near the headlights.