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  1. Miami Blue Mach-E Wrap with Yellow Badges & Brakes Calipers

    I had to download it and watch it through a video player instead of in my browser to see it.
  2. Mt. Washington Climb

    This seems like a very big oversight on Ford's part. There have to be temp sensors in the motors. They are already doing blending braking. Just change the blend ratio as the temp increases until you are using 100% friction brakes. Though as I'm saying that I'm recalling talk of a new EV (I...
  3. Bought Demo Car & Dealer Wants me to Assign (Give) it Ford’s $7500 Incentive One Month After Sale with Backdated Signature

    If that is the case, I would expect they would also have him sign a "We owe..." form. I've had to sign those forms when I've had the dealer install accessories as part of the sale. If he signs that form and doesn't sign anything else with the dealer promising to give that money to him, I would...
  4. CarPlay and SiriusXM

    If your home cameras have 2 way audio (like a Ring doorbell or Nest Hello), the phone sees them like a voice calling app so they mute audio and thus mute the car audio too. I drove myself nuts for a while till I figured this one out.
  5. 3200 Mile Road Trip from CA to TX - Lots of Electrify America charging issues :(

    I've watched a lot of EV videos and seen a lot of people have a lot of problems with charging, EA specifically. And they will try the app or try their credit card and move to a different charger and get frustrated and angry. Finally they will call EA support and the charging will start working...
  6. 10K Service and PAAK update experience

    I got the impression that he has $250 in credits of which he only used $30 for this service. Thus leaving him with $220 in credits for the future.
  7. "Taking one for the Team" or "How I Killed My Charge Port Door"

    Well if the cover popping off to keep from denting the car is a feature, now you've used that one.
  8. Sharing my story of buying a Mach-E - Don't be a Zordude :)

    If you haven't driven the car off the lot, i.e. haven't taken possession of it, there may still be a way to get out of the deal. I'm not here to judge whether you got a good deal or not, but if you regret it and haven't taken possession, there may be hope. I say look in to it. I know you said...
  9. "Taking one for the Team" or "How I Killed My Charge Port Door"

    I wish the car knew the door was open and threw up a warning on the dash if you shift out of park with it open.
  10. Blue Cruise Quick Review

    Ah, it's so hard to catch sarcasm through written text. I am curious as well on how long it takes for the system to start nagging the driver. Even if we would never look away for that length of time, there are certainly those out there that will. We've seen it before with Tesla's back when...
  11. Blue Cruise Quick Review

    This is a driver assistance technology not self driving. Looking away from the road for 30 seconds at highway speeds you could travel a half mile or more. Even if the system would let you do this I sincerely hope your "friend" would never look away from the road for that long. Even 4 seconds...
  12. Charged to 100% 321 miles?

    I agree with this. My current Mustang coupe which gets used almost exclusively in the city for very short journeys will give me a Range of 250 miles or less on a full tank. But take it on the highway and it will jump to over 450 miles in the right conditions. EVs are pretty much the...
  13. Active Drive Assist Driver Facing Camera...

    That's because they only want you taking your hands off the wheel when you are on road that have been specially mapped for Blue Cruise. Adaptive cruise and lane centering can be used without those restrictions so you have to keep your hands on the steering wheel. Ford uses a torque sensor to...
  14. Ford apologizes for a crappy app...

    Yes, but your headphones have just started pairing mode when you turned them on. I don't think it's feasible for the car to stay in pairing mode constantly.
  15. Blue Cruise Availability Date

    Can you confirm whether it's really working for your car?
  16. Road rage incidents?

    Are you sure? I just read all 18 pages of the GT-PE delivery thread and no mention of Blue Cruise there.
  17. My Mach-E GT Performance Edition DELIVERY! (Exterior, Interior, Wheels, Tires Pics Added)

    How has no one asked about Blue Cruise. It's supposed to be active on the GTs. Is it really active? If so, what's it like?
  18. Road rage incidents?

    So just adaptive cruise and lane centering that's been on other Fords for a couple of years.
  19. Road rage incidents?

    How did you get BlueCruise already?!? I didn't think it was officially released yet. Let us know what it's like. I'm thinking it's got to be weird driving with your hands off the steering wheel, but you probably just get used to it after a while.
  20. Range 260 miles for CA Route 1

    And this is probably why Tesla shows the EPA range instead of a GOM.