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  1. macchiaz-o

    My reservation is gone from the Ford website.

    I'm pretty sure I had to enroll in FordPass in order to place my reservation in November, 2019. and FordPass use the same account credentials. 🙄 😔
  2. macchiaz-o

    BlueCruise in Europe?

    Not sure if it helps any, but BlueCruise isn't autonomous. It's hands-free, but requires an attentive human driver at all times. Maybe there is an EU regulation against hands-free driving for now? I don't know?
  3. macchiaz-o

    Valley of the Sun Meet Up **Scheduled for 9/18**

    Thanks for organizing, Mike! Nice showing with @BMT1071, @SnBGC, @shutterbug, and @SubZero. You guys had the nicest cars at the show. ;)
  4. macchiaz-o

    FordPass Rewards? Why?

    Yes, it has value above your other cards, but it's both more complicated and the amount of it's value is limited. Check out my post here:
  5. macchiaz-o

    Automated carwash - video

    Mall-E has a fear of automated washes. I told her the auto wash is calming, but she rarely listens to me anymore. Probably an unfounded concern, but she does read the forum so it's unsurprising. I'll have to borrow your red horse if she's willing. She doesn't read the forum, I hope. Anyway...
  6. macchiaz-o

    UK Customers

    AFAIK, only the GT owners and fewer than five other non-GT retail owners have received the update with the sketch pad, tic-tac-toe, etc.
  7. macchiaz-o

    Automated carwash - video

    @Benjamin Kegele, please redo this with no speaking or music. And film the car going through a few different car washes. I wanted to see the natural sounds and rainbow colors and lights of automated car washes. ;) An ASMR video is just what the GTPE hard heads need to release their tensions as...
  8. macchiaz-o

    Avg mi/kWh in greater Phoenix are

    I don't really trust the Trip app's accuracy since we know it sometimes stops updating... But anyway, my lifetime avg is 3.5 mi/kWh.
  9. macchiaz-o

    Ford Pass Rewards Now Comes in Tiers

    The same benefits as the other tiers (more or less), and the opportunity to spend their way to Silver.
  10. macchiaz-o

    Appreciation Thread

    there is an art gem hidden away within every Mustang Mach-E. a beautiful fusion of Euro and Warner Bros styling. a bit of levity that kiddos or small people can appreciate whenever they find themselves stuck in the front trunk. i hope you enjoy this, as i do.
  11. macchiaz-o


    Technically it was an experiment/study on the concept of autonomous pizza delivery. From the article: I remember reading about this right around the same time that another "self"-driving experiment was making the rounds.
  12. macchiaz-o

    TSB 21-2288 Cooling Fan Noises During Level 2 Charging - Built On Or Before 11-Aug-2021

    What is this Sleep to which you refer? 🥱 I don't hear much noise during ~5.8kW charging even when the mercury is above 110. Not sure about [email protected] or [email protected] though. 🤷🤔 Can't wait for the backlogged OTA updates to start rolling through in earnest, though. Well be nice.
  13. macchiaz-o

    TSB 21-2288 Cooling Fan Noises During Level 2 Charging - Built On Or Before 11-Aug-2021

    What is your charging amperage set to? It is 10-15 degrees cooler than a month or two ago...
  14. macchiaz-o

    Cabin Conditioning Power Consumption

    Both, clearly! 🤣 I've also seen symptoms that suggest FordPass will read a timestamp from a prior log entry while the current log entry is incomplete (e.g. entry isn't "completed") until the charge coupler is disconnected).
  15. macchiaz-o

    "Taking one for the Team" or "How I Killed My Charge Port Door"

    This has been addressed several times in this very thread, starting with the second reply.
  16. macchiaz-o

    CarPlay and SiriusXM

    My dad has a similar complaint on his Honda CR-V. He couldn't listen to Sirius while using Android Auto. I thought he was just "doing it wrong" but I finally looked closer and realized he's right. All the audio controls are locked out while Android Auto is connected to his vehicle. You can't...
  17. macchiaz-o

    Cabin Conditioning Power Consumption

    It's displayed at the left most edge of your instrument cluster, or as a giant progress bar type gauge in the middle of the instrument cluster, whenever the car is powered on. If yours is showing the giant progress bar thing instead of a numerical display, this means you're in Engage driving...
  18. macchiaz-o

    Cabin Conditioning Power Consumption

    I'm not sure either... But certainly not 76 kWh. My EVSE keeps track of energy usage from the wall. This number is higher than what the MME will report for itself, due to conversion and storage losses from the wall to the battery... That being said... If I plug in the car while the vehicle is...
  19. macchiaz-o

    Cabin Conditioning Power Consumption

    You can TOTALLY answer this one for your son. He's too young to drive so from where he's sitting in the car, he probably can't see the left edge of your instrument cluster... But you can -- let him know the % state of charge when you first get in the car... And then when he asks how much power...
  20. macchiaz-o

    Appreciation Thread

    I really appreciate the vehicle connectivity and the capabilities and future potentials that this opens with things like the FordPass app. (You be quiet, persons with anime character names and whatever! 😜) Not sure if any of you have noticed, but some people complain about FordPass a lot. Maybe...