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  1. Garbone

    A/C Turns Off at 100mph

    Standard Range or Ex Range pack?
  2. Garbone

    Shelby Mach-E coming? Spotted in Shelby America shop

    Throttle mapping would be sweet.
  3. Garbone

    Why do you buy an expensive wall charger unit for home when Ford gives you a 14-50 plug?

    Why, my charger and EV live outside. The garage is for the C10 and Enfield Hack. Used the Ford supplied one for a week or two. When I took it apart when done there was water under the power connection. Not game ending but..
  4. Garbone

    Shelby Mach-E coming? Spotted in Shelby America shop

    Was over on the Bronco6g forum and someone posted this photo they said was at Shelby America. Thought I would share it here.
  5. Garbone

    The Deed is FINALLY Started!!

    Would like a photo of the rest of the conduit run. Off hand, ehhh, zip ties and not just a 90% pull box an proper clamps. Ugggg. Glad I did my own, I would be pissed.
  6. Garbone

    Draw-tite Trailer Hitch Receiver Install

    Raining today.. And a possum I just stumbled on..
  7. Garbone

    Model Y overnight test drive (MME vs Model Y)

    Yesterday I was backing into my driveway as my neighbor was riding his bike down his (think 2 feet of grass separation) and my car stopped me before I knew he was there. Could have just as easily been my daughter or one of her friends in our own driveway. Great feature, surprised Tesla does...
  8. Garbone

    How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    Since February, just rolled over 7k miles.
  9. Garbone

    Draw-tite Trailer Hitch Receiver Install

    I cut 2 slits in and folded the flap up. No real opening as it (the flap of plastic) is pushing down on the top of the hitch. I will try for photos in the morning.
  10. Garbone

    High floor / comfort

    I be 5'9"and all is good. Worst vehicle I ever drove was a Ford E350 utility van, damn thing made you sit all twisted up at an odd angle. Still loath the memory of those 150k miles....
  11. Garbone

    Considering buying a Mach E, a couple questions for current owners....

    No problems besides flat in 7 months 7k miles. Ford Towed and replaced the tire free as I have road hazard. Best car I have ever owned. On road trips I plan using ABRP, plug share and Electrify America, I do not use the car because, well, it a car, I also don't use my fridge to do...
  12. Garbone

    Model S Plaid & Mach E Rt 1 Roadtrip by MKBHD

    It is quickly getting to the point were choice of vendor is on the driver. Oh this clunky "Ford" app is awful kinda goes with "water is wet" or "use the search function first".
  13. Garbone

    Car always “jolts” when braking/stopping

    Go to One Pedal driving and treat stops like you would on a motorcycle or bike, no jerking because you do no want to fall over.
  14. Garbone

    Finance Amount Too Low? Can't Complete Online Purchase.

    I went round and round with my dealer. In the end I finance the entire purchase amount and paid it off within days. I wanted to charge my credit or debit card and just have them send me the title. Even had to show them proof of insurance.
  15. Garbone

    Help on road trip my drive selector light is turning off

    A feature, not a bug. Every other manufacturer will follow the trend...
  16. Garbone

    Ford Dealer Charging Experiences?

    Having charging at home I never use other locations to charge locally, even when EA has free weekend and some of the L2 are free, it is just a hassle. Being at a car dealership would just compound it. Not gonna do it.
  17. Garbone

    “Free” chargers at hotels and car dealerships

    Our local outlet mall has a free level 2 for shoppers. Second day I owned the car I dropped it off on the way to work and charged for free. They usually are empty. Also keep a 50amp Tesla Tap in the frunk for destination chargers. Works great.
  18. Garbone

    Would you buy the demo model?

    I would if the honor Xplan.... I would not pay over MSRP..