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  1. JamieGeek

    Picked Up the Grabber Blue GT Today!

    Color doesn't matter: All Mach-E's grab attention.
  2. JamieGeek

    LoJac on a Mach-E?

    I'd tell them no Lojack or no car... (and pick another dealer). In addition: Yes you can run Ford Pass and see on a map where your car is.
  3. JamieGeek

    Automated carwash - video

    Only for the first few times: Typically people will pick a mode/setting and leave it there. Then their actions become rote without the need for if/then.
  4. JamieGeek

    IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) "PRNDL" display Bug / Glitch

    Like as discussed here:
  5. JamieGeek

    Automated carwash - video

    When auto-hold is off and in 1-P mode you DO NOT need to do the N-L-Ok procedure. Simply put it in N and it will roll. My car has been through the car was a lot in this manner. In addition: If you do have auto-hold on you can still put it in N without the N-L-Ok procedure by letting it roll...
  6. JamieGeek

    Any leaks on 2022 changes?

    It is very likely that there will be few changes, if any for 2022. They are selling like hotcakes; why change it? About the only thing that would change is a different grey scale color palette. The "more range" mentioned in the Munro interview were just the results of some optimization in the...
  7. JamieGeek


    Nope, Ford:
  8. JamieGeek


    Didn't Ford have autonomus pizza delivery in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti using Fusions in partnership with Dominos?
  9. JamieGeek

    What's in a name?

    Ford logo on the front windshield and I think on the cargo cover if I'm not mistaken. Ponies everywhere!!
  10. JamieGeek

    Does the Mach-E lose charge while sitting?

    Should be good to go, you may lose a mile or two that is about it.
  11. JamieGeek

    FordPass terms - What are we agreeing to?

    You forgot about the part where you are agreeing to Ford chipping you personally (when you sit in the car they enbed chips in you--why do you think we have a shortage now? They are chipping EVERYONE!!!!)
  12. JamieGeek

    Mach-E for newbies

    Fire away here with your questions. Or, better yet, use search before posting as you'll likely find answers. It really isn't as complicated as you think: The car will take care of itself for the most part. The basics are: Set it to charge to 90% (or less) at your house and go have fun driving...
  13. JamieGeek

    My First Mach-E GT & BlueCruise Road Trip Impressions

    With the normal ICC you can correct the right bias by guiding the car to where you want in the lane then it stays there. Not sure if that works with Blue Cruise since my lowly CA Rt1 doesn't have it yet. When cruise is on you can press the accelerator (yeah the technical term) pedal until the...
  14. JamieGeek

    Does Navigation Map show traffic conditions?

    It will even route you around if it finds a quicker way.
  15. JamieGeek

    What does sitting in a parking lot in Mexico for three months do to a battery?

    Mine was built in early December 2020 and I picked it up in February this year. Sales person also said that it arrived at the dealership with over 90% charge so don't think they sit at 60% but everyone is different. Mine also sat at the speedway back when there were some issues. Having said all...
  16. JamieGeek

    Unexpected Owner

    I loved how you could program in a destination in the Nav and then use the status value to determine if you could make it or not and/or how fast to go.
  17. JamieGeek

    Unexpected Owner

    Congrats. Oh and there are a few of us Focus Electric drivers on here (current and former). It was a bit more than a glorified golf cart--it was a Focus that happened to be electric. (Golf cart's don't have nav systems in them that are more integrated with the car than the Mach-E's for one LOL.)
  18. JamieGeek

    Scheduled Charging - Why only On The Hour?

    Given that when setting a departure time the car runs for 10-20 minutes but when setting the charging time it takes hours to charge I bet they figured the granularity isn't required. Wait until you find out that it takes longer than your window to charge the car so it does it anyway at any time...