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  1. Kamuelaflyer

    LoJac on a Mach-E?

    Social media. Tag Mike Levine and Jim Farley on Twitter.
  2. Kamuelaflyer

    Dealers getting in the way

    We apparently had very different Tesla solar experiences. They were by far the worst dealer I dealt with when seeking a solar system. We did not walk, we ran away as fast as we could from that. That experience also is one of the many reasons I’d walk before owning a Tesla vehicle.
  3. Kamuelaflyer

    A/C Turns Off at 100mph

    There’s nothing click bait about this thread.
  4. Kamuelaflyer

    New FordPass Rewards Tiers

    Yeah. You’ll stay bronze in a Mach-e. I’m with @timbop on this. This is not a good thing.
  5. Kamuelaflyer

    Is my MME rusting???

    be sure you're also cleaning the parts that fit in those spots.
  6. Kamuelaflyer

    AOSK Mach-E Trunk Mat

    Really? No screen? That is … odd.
  7. Kamuelaflyer

    Here's an oddity on the FordPass app

    I've actually never used FordPass to roll the windows up or down. Given this report, I doubt I'll be starting soon either.
  8. Kamuelaflyer

    Driver Display Housing

    Add it to the list of things to have tge dealer look at when you bring it in.
  9. Kamuelaflyer

    AOSK Mach-E Trunk Mat

    My cargo cover works fine. Trunk mats are cool though. :)
  10. Kamuelaflyer

    knocking noise during auto pilot.

    It was a typo he meant Otto pilot.
  11. Kamuelaflyer

    FordPass terms - What are we agreeing to?

    Cool huh? Almost makes you think they should have thought about 2 fobs as standard equipment.
  12. Kamuelaflyer

    FordPass terms - What are we agreeing to?

    Everyone got it. It’s a standard disclaimer you get any time you install any form of of software in any device.
  13. Kamuelaflyer

    FordPass 3.30.0 released

    One of the car modules need to be updated on (roughly) pre August builds before the Frunk button will show. That can happen as part of various SSMs and other bulletins the car might be having done on it or through (hopefully) an OTA in the future. For now though, for most of us anyway, the...
  14. Kamuelaflyer

    Someone opened my car! ¿How?

    30 feet is pretty close. The fob or PAAK, if you’re using the latter, could unlock it. Lock the car either manually or through walk away lock then put your FOB in a faraday bag. Iy you’re using a phone as a key that’s a bit more of an issue quote so close.
  15. Kamuelaflyer

    New EV incentive excludes loaded GTPE?

    Honestly, none of us know what’s going to happen and it’s all politics anyway. And the discussion of politics here never ever ends well. So …
  16. Kamuelaflyer

    New EV incentive excludes loaded GTPE?

    It’s not a law yet. In fact it’s a long ways from being one at the present time. Also, any limit on price in order to claim the tax credit would probably reference only tge MSRP and nothing else. Stay tuned.
  17. Kamuelaflyer

    OTA Power Up 1.7.1 preview

    Mine have been overnight, so there’s still hope. Sort of. :)
  18. Kamuelaflyer

    FordPass 3.30.0 released

    The drunk button will only show on cars that have also had a particular update to one of the modules or are produced late in the model year. The rest of us have to wait on the OTA.
  19. Kamuelaflyer

    FordPass 3.30.0 released

    This is referring to FordPass and technically has nothing to do with your car. It's an update you'll get through the App Store or Play Store depending upon the flavor of your phone.