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  1. OTA FordPower-Up updates information

    Instead of wasting time on the useless notes feature, they should focus on fixing the existing bugs and make OTA works in the meaningful way and rollout faster.
  2. Suggestions for Mach-e OTA improvements...

    Bluecruise is simply based on MobileEye Q4 solution which doesn't provide enough computation power to do sophisticated real time vision analysis. It can only support the finite list of features which has been pre-trained by MobileEye as a package, hand-free driving is one of them. NIO ES8 uses...
  3. Ford's Software Release Rhythm "To that end, Amend will oversee a number of teams, including Ford’s technology and software platform function and its global data insight and analytics section."
  4. Ford's Software Release Rhythm

    We have 20 days left for the Q3, when the Q3 OTA was promised. I seriously doubt it is coming soon, maybe some very limit of cars will get it in Q3 but majority will not see it till some time in Q4. Anyway this supposes to be the first real OTA, not the previous gateway updates, we can see how...
  5. PAAK fails again

    Don't bother to waste more time on this joke. It is too unreliable for normal use. I ordered my second fob, even though I think Ford should offer it for free given how much trouble this PAAK has brought to us and how much time ppl has wasted on it. I guess for 2022 model 2 fobs will become standard.
  6. FordPass 3.30.0 released

    crash when trying to refresh the data, wait for almost one min then crash. Worse than previous version. Now it won't refresh the data except showing "something wrong wrong, please try again later"..
  7. Additional Driving Modes?!... nope just a bug

    A dead loop, lol Wait for a while it may eat up all the memory.
  8. Ford hires Doug Field, former head of Apple's car project and executive at Tesla

    Obviously Doug will be responsible mainly for software side, where Ford is really lagging behind. Really glad to see Ford recognizing the issue and make the quick move. Waiting for real OTAs!
  9. 3.29.1 FordPass just released

    I have to say fordpass for MME is a joke and disaster. After more than half a year it doesn't make any meaningful improvements. No real-time vehicle status update, how much battery power will it consume, tiny... to save the battery is not an excuse to keep showing you are seeing the state back...
  10. Lots of Tesla trolls roaming these halls

    I hate Tesla fanboys, I also hate Mach E fanboys. Fanboys are disgusting no matter where they are from.
  11. Blue Cruise is useless if it can't take a curve

    People talks about EV as smart car. By smart it really means software + "self-driving". More looking forward, new generations want the smart car that's why Tesla becomes a "model" or benchmark. New generations can bear with the build quality as long as the car works as a car, but they will not...
  12. Sandy Munro checks out Ford's BlueCruise

    Yes, they did the wrong demo on wrong location with wrong person at the wrong time. Unfortunately the damage is done, the average person only judges based on what they see from the eye instead of digging out the truth. A most stupid move before launching a new product, enough to put into the...
  13. Ford apologizes for a crappy app...

    Give you the second fob simply means the complete failure of the PAAK, which of course they will not go with this route.
  14. Sandy Munro checks out Ford's BlueCruise

    As Mach E uses the same chipset as NIO ES8, and NIO offers much more features including hands-free driving, no reason Ford cannot offer them. The current available features are well below what this EyeQ4 can support.
  15. Sandy Munro checks out Ford's BlueCruise

    I am not working for Ford as you, so I do have multiple choices across all the available options back to that time. I eventually settled on Mach E. It was a decision process considering all the factors and those factors are changing over time. When Model Y lowered their pricing, given all the...
  16. Sandy Munro checks out Ford's BlueCruise

    I heard similar words in my other thread before: But as I love this car and I like Ford brand, I want this car to be competent and perfect. I will not hide any of flaws the car has, because I want it...
  17. Sandy Munro checks out Ford's BlueCruise

    I may indeed consider that after Tesla improves their build quality. But not now. I have been loyal to Ford Brand for 25 years and I love this brand. But, competition is competition, you don't have a choice whether you want to be involved or not. My dream car is a Mach E with Tesla software. My...