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  1. JellyBelly

    Poof - Radio Presets Disappear?

    Yes i experience this all the time - including some presets go missing sometimes and replaced with what ever preset on first preset - frustrating and hoping Ford keeps solving and getting better
  2. JellyBelly

    How Do I Know If The Battery Is Pre Conditioning?

    Yes - no battery warm up when you precondition...the preconditioning time is not enough to warm up that size battery anyway as far as I know). Also if for some reason you dont plug it in overnight but have precondition to run when not plugged in, expect the precondition to run on east coast...
  3. JellyBelly

    Parking pass issue - not working from inside Mach-E windshield?

    Thats good to hear. So far the fastrack sticker nor the fastrak flex transponder seem to be working for me through left or right dark shaded areas. But I have not tried in toll only roads yet - I have tried through HOV/toll expressways. No activity on my account. But I am not sure if its...
  4. JellyBelly

    Miles Per KW. Post up what you getting.

    Just over 3500 miles..mostly driving in nicer weather in SoCal..temps range 70-80 degrees and mostly freeway driving at 75 + mph unless there is traffic. Cabin set to 72 degrees. Home charge to 80% and cabin preconditioned to Medium daily an hour before work travel. Engage mode with One Pedal...
  5. JellyBelly

    Update for Mustang Mach E Edge Owners

    The mileage is showing in KM as well as charge level is In KM but the numerical values displayed seem to be close to what they are in miles
  6. JellyBelly

    Interesting Crowd Reactions

    I don’t have the Mach E 4x badges on my FE .. they were removed at PPF install and don’t have replacement yet... that means other than the front and back ponies no other identifiers. I have had a few people on parking lots ask me what car is it... some recognize the pony and asked me if I like...
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    That’s a Great picture
  8. JellyBelly

    Update for Mustang Mach E Edge Owners

    Great .... hope they are doing a system update to correct all in the same boat.
  9. JellyBelly

    260 Miles+ range on RWD select!

    It’s great if you are getting that at 75 mph.... I have about 1750 miles on my FE and most of it is at 75mph + and I estimate my full range to be very close to 250 to 260 miles. I am getting about 2.7 to 2.8 miles per kWh on the whole so far
  10. JellyBelly

    Navigation Software Bug

    Yup quite a few glitches... like my screen randomly wants to show darker map but rest of the display changes to white .. hoping they do fix a lot of these bugs in the OTA updates whenever that is likely to come
  11. JellyBelly

    Trip Computer Bug

    It may not be related to any OTA updates... I don’t have any OTA updates yet but I have seen inconsistent trip delays a few times.
  12. JellyBelly

    Sync 4 Maps are being updated quickly

    That is impressive. Now If they update the maps in FordPass just as quick it will be great... looks like both use different map software... abd the app can’t locate my car at home correctly but the sync system does
  13. JellyBelly

    Update for Mustang Mach E Edge Owners

    I did not open a ticket but all your hard work seems to have helped? My account shows Mach E today instead of edge and I was able to sign up to early Updates via the email received a few weeks ago
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    Congrats on receiving your car finally :)
  15. JellyBelly

    OTA Update #2 Installed. Notice Any Differences?

    I wonder if there a logic to which VIN gets the OTA updates... no updates for me yet at all...may be it’s because I have an Edge that looks like the Mach E 😂
  16. JellyBelly

    Our Early Access Program wants you. 🥲

    That’s bad... I am thinking may be there is number that we can call that will allow us to enroll into the program manually ...
  17. JellyBelly

    Our Early Access Program wants you. 🥲

    Same problem here - Mach E being called a Edge. Wondering if there is a number to call to have this corrected ?
  18. JellyBelly

    Charging issues with Mach E at home

    Update: I deleted location and charged and added presets in the car and not the app. Charging at preset times seems to work but precondition does not seem to work. No precon this morning. have not heard from dealer yet and taking it to dealer on Monday ...