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  1. Charging and heat

    I have 2 MMEs and I live in Bakersfield, California. In the past three weeks it has been between 105 to 118. Prior to this charging on both cars to a max of 100% was 260-280. Now with the heat our max on both cars is 218. I think the difference is entirely due to high temperatures.

    Ok, Bruce, as you all have stated that this is the best name for my Grabber Blue is an FE which I got roughly 4 weeks ago and has about 5800 miles. My wife just got her Premium ALD with the larger battery so in essence it is the same car as mine but in Star White which she has name Betty White...
  3. Stupid questions

    I am REALLY tired of STUPID questions. Today I drove to me dealership with my daughter and son in law as they were buying a new Ranger. I plugged in my MME and this guy walks up to me and asks the following two questions. 1. Did you drive a Tesla?? answer- yes 2. do you like the MME better...
  4. 🗺 Ongoing Trip Journal: Driving Mach-E From Bakersfield, California to Houston, Texas

    Midnight tomorrow we start the roughly 1600 mile road trip. According to navigation there are 7-9 charging g stops and 32 hours of driving. We are doing it in two days. We think Las Cruces New Mexico should be half way. Elevation plays a big part of battery length. Maximizing speed wise like...

    I am starting a new thread to discuss a road trip I am doing starting on March 1. I am driving from Bakersfield, CA, 99 miles north of LA , going to Houston Texas. I planned the route on the navigation system as the ford pass app will not send it to MME. Apple car play is disconnected but the...
  6. Tesla having safety issues

    Glad I got an MME
  7. Borg Warner stuff

    Can someone explain in layman’s terms what this means
  8. I found this official financing for the MME
  9. Just announced after ford announces special download 6 months after delivery

    This is an interesting article especially since Ford just announced that there will be a free delivery after 6 months of delivery that may involve a version of self driving.