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  1. WildBillTV

    Mach-E will not be selected for scheduling this week (on 9/9)

    I haven't even been given a VIN! You are further than me lol
  2. WildBillTV

    Mach-E will not be selected for scheduling this week (on 9/9)

    My Premium AWD ER that was ordered in June is still not schedule for production.
  3. WildBillTV

    Blue Cruise Quick Review

    That is a huge let down if it is a reoccurring subscription, because like otherwise I didn't see this mentioned anywhere when purchasing mine
  4. WildBillTV

    My MachE GTPE Star White is HERE

    I love those GT rims. I want to buy some or look alikes for my premium!
  5. WildBillTV

    3.29.0 Fordpass update just released

    just got 3.29.0 on iOS 14.7.1
  6. WildBillTV

    Anyone underwhelmed by B&O system...

    What is the update? I have both of these issues. Volume on 30 to hear phone conversations and I barely feel any bass from the sub. I'd like to call my dealer and get this appointment scheduled
  7. WildBillTV

    Then and now.

    Very interesting read, thank you!
  8. WildBillTV

    “This trip” is incorrect

    Thanks for everyone's responses! I guess I feel a little better knowing it's not just my car? Hopefully these little bugs will be ironed out eventually!
  9. WildBillTV

    “This trip” is incorrect

    Hello, When I get into my MME the “this trip” is showing the incorrectly mileage. The picture attached below is when I first turned the fee on after 24 hours. So a full day had passed. The time is correct but it says I already drove 3.6 miles in 2 minutes?! Has anyone had this happen in their...
  10. WildBillTV

    Connecting to home WiFi

    I'm in the same boat. I have Verizon Fios and I cannot connect my MME to my home WiFi. I have tried all suggestions on the forum and other sites, but to no avail. Hopefully @Ford Motor Company can assist!
  11. WildBillTV

    Which drive mode do you use?

    Didn't realize there was another thread already. Thanks for providing!
  12. WildBillTV

    Which drive mode do you use?

    Hello Everyone, I've had my MME for over 3 weeks now and I was wondering what driving mode do you use for daily driving? Currently, I use whisper for everyday driving. Occasionally I will put it in unbridled. I'll be honest, I am not exactly sure what the pros and cons of each mode are but...
  13. WildBillTV

    First Road Trip with our Mustang Mach-E

    I second that suggestion for showing chargers that are upcoming, not what I have already passed. Ran into that a few times of my road trip that I took in my MME.
  14. WildBillTV

    Ford Torture & Stress Tested the Mach-E to Show Its Also Built Ford Tough

    They did get lucky. Considering mine are already falling off :rolleyes:
  15. WildBillTV

    240V not charging as expected?

    Huge thank you to everyone who responded to this thread! I won't worry too much about the charging or the car. I did just bring the car home after a 45 minute drive and plug it in, so as others have said the car was most likely cooling down the batteries. Thank you everyone!!
  16. WildBillTV

    240V not charging as expected?

    The charger has the blue LED light
  17. WildBillTV

    240V not charging as expected?

    Not sure what the max charge rate is on the Ford mobile charger. So whatever that is lol sorry if I didn’t answer the question correctly!
  18. WildBillTV

    240V not charging as expected?

    I don’t mean to sound stupid but what does EVSE mean? Lol