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  1. Blue Cruise Quick Review

    Looks...exactly how it should. Looking forward to be as bored as this video.
  2. Ford Options. What Paperwork do I need to redeem tax credit

    Ok, so I'm being paranoid because my dealer was less than knowledgable about what Ford Options was to begin with, and the only reason I'm doing it is to get the tax credit. Was there a specific piece of paperwork I am supposed to receive in order to redeem the credit when the time comes. I...
  3. Blue Cruise Activated

    Do we have confirmation that it even was flipped on? The only report i'm reading is that bluecruise is on but hands were still needed because they weren't in a blue zone? Does anyone actually have confirmation of the hands-free feature?
  4. Blue Cruise is useless if it can't take a curve

    I'm personally ok with the performance. It is just an extension of the ACC system for all those times where you're driving and thinking "man this road is pretty simple, I wish I could take my hands off the wheel" Today, i'll keep a finger or two on the wheel, or be annoyed when my hand is on the...
  5. How do you get close enough to the charger?

    Makes sense. I just haven't seen one like that haha honestly that looks great!
  6. How do you get close enough to the charger?

    It is definitely convenient for home charging, i'll give them that. Although I would rather take half convenient for both home charging and fast charging rather than super home convenient but near impossible fast charging. I've never seen a station where the cable will reach backing in. I think...
  7. Why am I not having PAAK issues?

    I really think Ford should have put this through some kind of Turing test before release. Like give the engineers a fob/phone and a car programmed to either one of them. If they're unable to tell if their car is utilizing, then the system works and can be released. A lot of people are holding...
  8. “This trip” is incorrect

    Happened me the other day as well. Said I went 2 miles by the time I pulled out of the driveway. I don't really care, unless it is effecting the efficiency calculations. If it is saying I'm getting a higher efficiency than I actually am then I care quite a bit. But who knows?
  9. How do you get close enough to the charger?

    Last night I went to an EVGo charger at the airport while waiting for a friend, and I noticed that the concrete parking barriers were set up in a way that I could pull up only barely enough for the charging cable to reach my car. I got it to plug in, but I was nervous by the amount of stress I...
  10. Physical Manual?

    In the overhead light buttons, there is one that has a picture of a door ajar with lights. Couldn’t find that button in the in-car manual using search function. That section of the car isn’t part of the visual search either. I found the other three lights in that area but not the one with the...
  11. Physical Manual?

    My bronco sport came with one. Not sure about other models.
  12. Physical Manual?

    yeah but then I have a stack of papers in my glove box to deal with
  13. Physical Manual?

  14. Physical Manual?

    Yeah I found a pdf which I guess gets the job done, I just hate staring at a screen for hours while reading it. i personally find the one in the car useless. It’s fine clicking on the little i’s for specific settings, but some things I couldn’t find at all (the overhead light button with the...
  15. Physical Manual?

    Hey all, did anyone receive a physical user manual with their car? I just got a getting started guide and a tire warranty guide. I found this pdf online: Untitled ( , but i hate staring at a screen for hours and definitely don't want to sit in my car and read through a...
  16. But WHY is it called a mustang??

    It's fast, has a lot of torque. Its innovative. Those are some of the key points from the very first mustang. It's also styled like a mustang. The turning signals, the front hood. Everything aside from the four doors. I would say I can find more similarities than differences to the mustang line...
  17. Good Preconditioning Habits

    Hello all, sorry for the basic questions here, this is my first EV. Ford is pushing the departure times feature as a way to maximize your battery life. Is this just so it is drawing from the grid for air-conditioning/heating, or is the car doing something under the hood with the batteries as...
  18. Seen on the Mach-E subreddit: Sounds like a Recall is incoming. Dealer just told me a stop sale was placed on all Mach-E's.

    I'm literally at the dealership right now purchasing my MME, there are no issues other than them having no idea what Ford Options is..
  19. Inside EV's real world range test. Winner: No. Surprise.

    What is WLTP and how do they get 379? that seems a tad high...