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  1. I.Adams

    First Mach-E hitch available - Torklift EcoHitch!

    Oh, you're right. That was my car. But the German certificates aren't already printed. 😭 German bureaucracy. My dealer sent me the pictures while he mounted my ordered hitch. THIS hitch is the standard German Ford hitch. When I'll get my pony maybe next week I'll take the pictures inclusive...
  2. I.Adams

    First Mach-E hitch available - Torklift EcoHitch!

    I'm still waiting for my pony. But I can deliver a YouTube link where can see it have to be installed. Sorry, but it's only in German. In Germany it is strictly forbidden to build such a hitch without lamps under a car. It have to be involved into the main system of the car, so the Mustang...
  3. I.Adams

    First Mach-E hitch available - Torklift EcoHitch!

    Well, and here are the differences between the US-and the European solution. Here in Germany the hitch solution is removable and unvisible.
  4. I.Adams

    Stoked on Range: AWD Standard Battery Achieved 148 Miles on 50% of Battery

    I'm so excited to see what kind of range my SR RWD will have. Here on the German autobahns, the speeds are basically higher. However, I am a rather conservative driver and basically drive at 120-130 km/h (75-80 mph) on the autobahn. Hopefully I will get my pony soon! I've been waiting for sooooo...
  5. I.Adams

    DIY install TorkLift hitch for bike rack, etc

    Hm, I'm exited if the German/European version looks like the American one. I'd never seen such a solution in Germany/Europe before.
  6. I.Adams

    Explain the Math of AC vs DC Charging

    The answer can be, that FORD uses the 800V technology as Porsche did with the Tycan.
  7. I.Adams

    Mustang Mach-E arrives in Antwerp, Belgium

    But most of the European are waiting for their cars. In Antwerp Ford installed an European quality department. Ford USA is aware of the higher quality demands of European customers and therefore tests the cars very intensively before they are shipped to the dealers. Customs documents are also...
  8. I.Adams

    Mach-E sold out says Jim Farley

    Sold out - what does it mean? In the following sentences I would like to point aut my view from the German/European EV-market und the European CO2-task. The majority of Europeans realise the seriousness of climate change and are prepared to spend money on it. In addition, there is the...
  9. I.Adams

    Now I’m complete stripes, Amazing.

    Really great this idea!
  10. I.Adams

    Kyle’s 0-100% DC Fast Charging (DCFC) Test: Mach-E Extended Range AWD

    I think, that this test isn't representative. Charging with an AC-HPC-charger means to charge between 20-80%. FORD Germany told me, that the charging curve is under observation and will be corrected via OTA if necessary. The other issue is, that the Mustang hase (THANKS GOD!) a thermal battery...
  11. I.Adams

    A further German test ride - surprise, surprise, surprise

    It's just a week ago that a German EV YouTube channel called Car Maniac compared an Audi E-TRON Sportspack with an all electric Mustang Mach-E. The results you could read here in the forum. The first result of this video was that the Mustang Mach-E will be one of the most popular player in the...
  12. I.Adams

    Mach-E vs. Audi e-tron: who charges faster? Real world test

    Sorry, you don't have to pay per minute... NOT PER MINUTE. You have to pay the kWh! In this case it doesn't take any sense of you have the SR or the ER battery, if you charge DC vor 10 minutes or half an hour. The use kWh per distance (here in Germany we calculate in 100 km) is in this case...
  13. I.Adams

    Mach-E vs. Audi e-tron: who charges faster? Real world test

    Thanks a lot. The 79 Euro cent depends on the kwh DC charging. Let make an example calculation: The MME might can use 25 kWh while driving 100km. This will cost nearly 20 € per 100km. One litre diesel costs in Germany 1,20 €. A modern diesel car needs 6l/100km, so it will cost 7,20 €. This price...
  14. I.Adams

    Mach-E vs. Audi e-tron: who charges faster? Real world test

    Well, I can help you. As you mentioned Ionity is very often presented as THE NO. 1 CHARGING SOLUTION COMPANY in Europe. B U T... Ionity increased their prices dramatically. Charging with Ionity means to pay 79 Euro cent per kWh in Germany. An this guy had a open fight with the CEO of Ionity...
  15. I.Adams

    Mach-E vs. Audi e-tron: who charges faster? Real world test

    Car manic is a guy named Chris. He is in Germany a well known EV-expert. He will start a road show on the next weeks. And one of the most important things he'll start to test is charging, driving and charging on German Autobahn combined with the assistances of the MME. You must know, that this...
  16. I.Adams

    Thanks to my son...I have (we have!) a Mach-E after just 24 hours and 800 miles

    Grrrrrrrrrreat! In end of April I can do it also here in Germany with my Pony!!!! Please, post your experiences with the assistents of the car. Greetings to your son an you from Germany!
  17. I.Adams

    Remoted controlled parking

    Be honest? This is a bad function. An I hope that this will not be spread. There are two reasons why this function might can produce stress and problems. 1. Look at this video. Realise in which directions the cars next to the parking are standing. If one or both of them might stand in another...