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  1. trutolife27

    Dealers getting in the way

    Hmm like I said "once" cash was king. faded away. So hmm yeah thanks for pointing out what I said. As far as direct orders ford is starting slowly which pretty much every company does with something new. They are putting out a filler to see what the consumer does. But your 25% as you say will...
  2. trutolife27

    OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    Oh, the changes that are coming....................
  3. trutolife27

    Dealers getting in the way

    with going away to order online or direct and no dealer. It's a double-edged sword. The price of a vehicle will be the price no more incentives. So if you are a smart car buyer and are used to searching dealers and different incentives to knock the price way down. Those days will be gone. The...
  4. trutolife27

    Why do you buy an expensive wall charger unit for home when Ford gives you a 14-50 plug?

    Few good reasons like taxes and rebates. But really the truth is we are too lazy or might forget to put it in the car on a road trip. I myself only have the ford charger that came with the mache. When we go somewhere I walk over unplug it and put it in the car. Takes about 3 minutes. It's more...
  5. trutolife27

    Mach E vs the Ioniq 5

    Looks like late winter and into summer. Fall 2022 before numbers will increase shipped to North america.
  6. trutolife27

    VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    Here are the ranges. About what we thought maybe alittle less.
  7. trutolife27

    Any members from Louisville KY?

    all good here
  8. trutolife27

    Top 3 annoyances

    Winner of the post of the month.
  9. trutolife27

    Ford Explorer EV Coming In 2023, Will Be Built Alongside Mustang Mach-E

    Back in May, Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed that a Ford Explorer EV was in development, which didn’t come as a huge surprise given the success enjoyed by the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the large amount of interest customers have expressed in the Ford E-Transit and Ford F-150 Lightning. Now...
  10. trutolife27

    Mileage Complaint

    No one belittled you. You are trying the victim card. There is no tone to my words as I did not put any adjectives in there to make it seem that way. I was clearly pointing out the facts as I said Tom Moloughney said. Again 90% of people have no idea about BEV vehicles. I stand by my words...
  11. trutolife27

    Mach-E allocations among dealers?

    allotted none. orders yes. Dealers still can't order for dealer stock mache.
  12. trutolife27

    Mileage Complaint

    This thread is another example of the mass effect of not understanding. like Tom said on youtube. Still, so many people don't understand the aspects of a BEV.
  13. trutolife27

    Musk confirms Tesla Roadster delayed to 2023, Cybertruck to 2022

    Somehow I'm not shocked. I don't know why.
  14. trutolife27

    Considering a Mach E vs E-Tron, Volvo, ID.4

    yes and I drove all of them. The polestar 2 was the hardest one to get a chance to drive. Etron range is lacking and it asks you to charge to 80% daily, and the cost is way more. Great ride I enjoyed it but value is not there. If you're looking for range the mache and tesla model 3 are the top...
  15. trutolife27

    Lots of Tesla trolls roaming these halls

    Tom did a nice video and ev insiders did also on the xc40 recharge. It's a nice BEV but the range for the price is a total swing and a miss. 208 miles on a full charge and they are like tesla recommend only charge to 80%. so what 165 miles of range at 80%. Then factor in if it's winter and...
  16. trutolife27

    Considering a Mach E vs E-Tron, Volvo, ID.4

    It all depends on what are the items it has to have. DO you value looks over other things. IS range is the main factor. If you want to tell us what are your must-have or don't care well, then we can tell what we know and think.