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  1. MerryBrown

    Looking for No ADM dealers in Madison WI area

    Hi all looking for a good dealer who will treat my sister well. She is interested in the MachE and I want to make sure she will get the best treatment. What do you suggest? Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. MerryBrown

    What's Your ONE THING for Ford to Improve?

    Do you have to go to the dealer to have this done or will it be applied OTA?
  3. MerryBrown

    Interesting Crowd Reactions

    I have had mini crowds around my car when I got back from what ever I was doing. I had a guy who was taking pictures and looked sheepish when I caught him. I had a guy in a late model souped up Mustang with very dark tinted windows come speeding up on me from behind, check me out back, side...
  4. MerryBrown

    Frunk Divider Removal How-To video

    LOL well, you can't blame me for not knowing! this place is mostly guys, and your "avatar" is lacking. 😁
  5. MerryBrown

    Hello from California

    Welcome, enjoy the ride! I still get a kick out of mine. I sometimes look down at the speedometer and am surprised by my "ground speed" :)
  6. MerryBrown

    Frunk Divider Removal How-To video

    I know that is possible for a guy with strong hands. I am a girl and a petite one at that. I feel like a tool will help me out a smidge to not mar the surface. I bought my MachE with the Ford Options. If I turn it back in I want to make sure it's in nice condition. However, if one of you...
  7. MerryBrown

    Frunk Divider Removal How-To video

    Thank you so much for the instructions! I never would have thought to put the fasteners back in again. Now I think I can do this with confidence. What is the name of the tool kit again?
  8. MerryBrown

    Anti-theft. How easy is it to disable?

    That's an interesting question. With the chip shortage and battery shortage, would it be worth it to steal one of these beauties for parts? doubtful but an interesting question. Most of the cars that my customers have had stolen have been older model, generic looking vehicles. I don't think...
  9. MerryBrown

    Say Hello Everyone

    Welcome, just to let you know it's not all guys here. There are a few ladies too! ;)
  10. MerryBrown

    Received New Early Access Program Invite

    I just signed up too. Does anyone have an idea what they are planning to roll out?
  11. MerryBrown

    Bluetooth keeps dropping

    That is interesting. I wonder about that now. Similar connections, similar problems. I would start with the first place you can find a phone number, or a customer service person who is knowledgeable. Let us know if you get past the phone tree hell.
  12. MerryBrown

    Bluetooth keeps dropping

    I am having similar problems. I also still have issues when I use the Bluetooth earbuds outside the MachE and then get back in. I find plugging it in to USB then unplugging it will sometimes bring it back onboard. Sometimes going to the Bluetooth on the phone and fiddling around for a bit will...
  13. MerryBrown

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Yeah and then you need to let Ford know what they have put you through! These guys better give you some kind of compensation for making you wait. e SS
  14. MerryBrown

    Anyone made the San Diego -> Sacramento I5 run yet?

    I wonder if we could start a thread to warn folks about certain chargers not working as listed. Or are they already out there? I had a spot of bad luck on San Luis Obispo with several EA chargers, and a 50 kw charger at the train station in Arroyo Grande.
  15. MerryBrown

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    I was also able to fill mine out with Ford Options online. Something doesn't make sense with what they are telling you.
  16. MerryBrown

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    I would call Ford directly to get someone working on this who knows what they are doing. They people are just spinning their wheels. So to speak.
  17. MerryBrown

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    That is excellent advice. I actually did that very thing. When I was sitting down with my sales guy, he asked to see my information to make sure he didn't miss anything when he was typing it up. I had a copy with me because I know my sales guy was different from the finance guy and there are...
  18. MerryBrown

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    If they are this non responsive, I am sure you know to take in your list of discounts. You will probably be educating them about all the stuff you get from Ford when you sign your paperwork. Don't let them plead ignorance. Make sure you get everything you deserve. I am not familiar with your...
  19. MerryBrown

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Mine showed up almost a week after that date, so you should still have some hope.