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  1. How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    Picked mine up end of Feb. currently at 5,391. Only two road trips (250 miles and 340 miles). Since I work from home, I am 7,000 miles short of my normal annual mileage.
  2. Ford Hasn't Realized its a Software Company Yet

    Based on my experience, a couple areas I think Ford can improve are: Navigation integration with Fordpass charging function: by that I mean the native navigation has been great to locate charging stations. Why not allow for activation of a charger unit from the center screen rather than...
  3. 3.29.0 Fordpass update just released

    I just downloaded the latest Android version. The only odd issue I have is that I cannot close the app by hitting the back button. This has been happening since 3.27
  4. Miles Per KW. Post up what you getting.

    True indeed. And you are getting some awesome efficiency with your driving patterns. During my winter months here in NYC (got my car in Feb), I was averaging 2.7 with my normal driving as opposed to 3.5 lifetime. I think this is still good as well.
  5. Miles Per KW. Post up what you getting.

    i am getting the same 3.5 m/kw in my daily drive in NYC. I also have driven almost 4200 miles.
  6. FordPass Version 3.28.0 Rolling out

    I am using Samsung S10. I think a good number of us are guinea pigs and I'm somewhat ok since most pain points are minor in the larger scheme of things. One thing Ford should have done differently was simply give two fobs with the car. Having one seems to be a problem with everyone with PAAK...
  7. Getting a second fob programmed

    Agreed. I brought my second fob to my dealer. They told me it can take 30 to 45 min to program and test with the car. I gave them the second one that I bought online. They programmed it with no issues. I agree it's just like any other modern fobs. SMH
  8. FordPass Version 3.28.0 Rolling out

    One thing I noticed yesterday is that my PAAK worked better. Usually, I would get to my driver door and wait a second or 2 for the handshake and the button to light up. Yesterday on two occasions, the car lit up as i approached about 5 to 10 feet away (similar to with the key fob). I think...
  9. Mach-E ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) Teardown by Sandy Munro

    For the experienced members here. One of the advantages they mentioned about camera system versus Ford's radar system is recognizing objects such as trees, signs, etc. If Ford is not using some sort of camera sensor system, how are they able to recognize speed limits? GPS only? I ask because...
  10. Mach-E rear motor teardown by Sandy Munro

    I agree. Some like him when he says good things. Then dislike when he says something negative. My take is that he brings some experience to the reviews, though some of the technical stuff goes over my head as well. But for the most part, he is reviewing blindly and unfortunately at times...
  11. Instrument Cluster Not Working

    I have had my car since Feb and have not had any of the issues experience by other fellow owners. My only issues which seem to be the predominant ones are my first attempt at plug and charge (no issues now since my first attempt), and then the sporadic delayed issue with PAAK. I hope that...
  12. What car did you give up for MME??

    2017 all black Ford Explorer Sport. I loved this car but I really wanted an EV. Audi was my first choice (need more range) but Mach E was introduced just as my lease was ending.
  13. 900 Mile Road Trip Report

    Thank you for this informative write up. I am a novice with EVs but the spikes seem unusual even though it is great to see the peek at 223kw. Hopefully, our Ford Co. friends here would look into this to see if there are any lessons learned and opportunity for future improvement.
  14. Blue Oval Charge Network Electrify America Charging Membership

    Good to see a fellow NYC resident on here.
  15. SecuriAlert NEW Feature Enabled in Latest FordPass App Update

    I just noticed I got 1.60 update. And I updated FordPass earlier to 3.26.
  16. Max Windshield Wiper Speed is Too Slow

    Sorry to hear that. Did you try the various setting configurations from the manual? I can adjust mine to be pretty fast. If it is not, hopefully someone from @Ford Motor Company can assist. You should message them directly.
  17. Lots of Naysayers last week or so...hmm...Tesla Fan Boys in disguise??

    I agree with you. I have had my MME since February. I feel horrible for those who have posted their various issues. I have not had ANY issues, except for PAAK which i find to be more of a nuisance due to its delayed engagement. That is it. The car does everything else that I have expected...
  18. Desert Heat Road Trip Review Report in a Mach-E

    Thank for you sharing. I wish I could convince my wife to take a long road trip but she has little patience for the charging stops. One question though, did you try out the Ford Power My Trip feature to test the accuracy of the trip or compare it to ABRP? Also, when I traveled using the...
  19. Transportation Company Cracked Sunroof

    Sorry to hear about the damage. That is my only fear seeing that I have same roof. Glad it is cover and hope they fix it sooner than later.
  20. Email Invite to Early Access Program

    I was also waitlisted when this enrollment invite came a couple months ago - probably because I didn't receive a formal invite. I did get an invite email yesterday and was able to enroll. I am sure you and others will get an invite soon as well.