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  1. 470 Days later...the Dark Knight has arrived!

    Thank you! Hope you're enjoying yours as I enjoy mine 😊
  2. 470 Days later...the Dark Knight has arrived!

    Hi guys, after 470 days of waiting I got my Mach E on June 4th. Since then I already put 870 miles on it and what can I say... this thing is such a blast to drive and I'm simply enjoying it 😊 My wife and I did a little road trip to the Bavarian Alps to go for some hiking and everything worked...
  3. Interesting Crowd Reactions

    The good thing is, that it is up to us "MME buyers" to represent it and refer to it as "Mustang". And I am going to repeat that till the haters "thumbs down" fall of.... If anybody really wants to take a serious discussion on if it really is a Mustang I would recommend to them to drive one...
  4. UK Customers

    I really don´t know if we can trust this location. On Saturday mine said it is in Munich. A quick Google Search brought up that the location of the car was in front of a funeral home 😂 I hope this ain´t a bad omen... But since yesterday my "remote setup" is gone when i log into my account...
  5. I hate you guys,,,

    Honestly the best "off-topic" I´ve ever seen 😋
  6. My Shadow Black Mach-E on 20" wheels

    Probably he was just Lost for a Moment 😉 Wheels look awesome by the way 🔥
  7. Another Mach-E Crash Report and Repair Cost Estimate

    Dann...that sucks. Glad you're ok. Hope it can get fixed soon 🤞🏻
  8. 2021 MUSTANG MACH-E REPAIR MANUAL (maybe not)

    Damn...looks like I need to upgrade from my Commodore 64...
  9. SHADOW BLACK Mach-E Club

    Sheesh....looks hot 🔥 Congrats 👏
  10. Safety comparison little less than model 3- Etron

    Why don't you go and do a nice Roadtrip in "your" Etron? Let's say for about year. Feel free to leave your mobile phone at home and any other devices you can access this forum with...
  11. 3M Matrix Black vinyl wrapped Mach-E grill

    I like Snoopy :)
  12. Europe - Shipment numbers / vessel tracking

    There you go:
  13. 3M Matrix Black vinyl wrapped Mach-E grill

    Goes so well with the Grabber Blue 🔥
  14. Europe - Shipment numbers / vessel tracking

    Come on...he apologized :) I´m sure he appreciates your work like we all do here :)
  15. UK Customers

    Yes. Used to work with previous versions of the App. Hope Ford gets it fixed.
  16. UK Customers

    Same here
  17. UK Customers

    That Ford Pass App really sucks at the moment... Whenever I go to "Remote Vehicle Setup" it just shuts down. Anybody else having the same issue?
  18. Europe - Shipment numbers / vessel tracking

    Great Work from @makooy 👍🏻😊 Come on Grande Halifax...hurry up 😉
  19. Rear ended in Hit & Run

    Sh... 😕 But glad you're both ok 🤞🏻 Hope your Baby gets fixed soon. I enjoy your YouTube Videos a lot