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  1. Jeffvisor

    replacing phone that is connected to the mach-e

    Can you add a new iPhone to the main profile I have setup?
  2. Jeffvisor

    OTA Power Up 1.7.1 preview

    I just disconnected the 12V battery again and it fixed my issue of not being able to open the driver door without opening back passenger door first. its a weird way to fix a issue like this but it works.
  3. Jeffvisor

    replacing phone that is connected to the mach-e

    how hard is it to upgrade or replace a phone that is connected to the car already. Do you have to delete old phone and redo a profile?
  4. Jeffvisor

    OTA Power Up 1.7.1 preview

    Not me and now I think my car is going backwards. My car went back to only being able to open the driver door by opening the back passenger door first. I fixed it once by disconnecting the 12V battery and it fixed it. As of yesterday that fix stopped working. I am hoping this new update that...
  5. Jeffvisor

    SecuriAlert going nuts!

    in the past I could not open driver door without first opening the back passenger door. I unplugged the 12V battery for a minute and fixed it. Been working great until today now back to cant open front driver door unless i open back door first. I wonder if its related to this issue. I hope I...
  6. Jeffvisor

    Puddle Lights

    I only use PAAK and puddle lights always come on do you have the setting to fold mirrors turned on at lock?
  7. Jeffvisor

    How long can we expect Mach-E GT to be in production, before it moves to transport?

    assuming there is a chip for it i got my car about 1 month after build date. They are weird with their dates.
  8. Jeffvisor

    How long can we expect Mach-E GT to be in production, before it moves to transport?

    once you have a production week it generally starts the end of that week and takes about a week to manufacture the car. below is my total timeline if this helps... Ford Mustang Mach-e History Timeline Rapid Red Premium AWD with Grey Interior and Ext Battery Ordered: 2/03/21 Approved by dealer...
  9. Jeffvisor

    Suggestions for Mach-e OTA improvements...

    When you are the first car at a red light. When the light turns green it sets of a chime in the car for you to go. Basically if you are sitting at a light not paying attention its chimes to let you no the light changed to green.
  10. Jeffvisor

    Ford's Software Release Rhythm

    It is well written and logical. The one aspect that he mentions that is very true and likely a nightmare for the new guy coming in is that our Mach-e's are running different versions of software. I recently went to Ford service to update the module that quiets the charging 21-2288 and asked that...
  11. Jeffvisor

    iOS 15

    Yes I been running iOS 15 Beta since beginning and everything works great no issues. I never have FordPass crashes or issues others are having at times.
  12. Jeffvisor

    Would a '22 be a better deal?

    Likely more range in 22. that was already mention by a Ford exec. Not sure if that is driven by software or making the car lighter. If software driven we might all get it.
  13. Jeffvisor

    Fantastic Car, but PAAK, Phone Integration, FordPass and overall Software is an Abomination

    Since I got my car end of July I only used PAAK. I keep FOB in a Faraday bag hidden in the car just in case. Never used it though except to setup PAAK. In the beginning PAAK hardly ever worked to open the front door I always had to open back passenger door first. Then i heard to disconnect the...
  14. Jeffvisor

    Dealer says, "No invoice on a MME"

    Dealer is not wrong. The only shot you have at getting a Mach-e below MSRP is to use X-Plan pricing or another Ford Plan. Otherwise most people are happy to buy at MSRP since some dealers do additional markup on them. If you can get one at MSRP its a win.
  15. Jeffvisor

    PAAK fails again

    I only use PAAK however....I used to only be able to open the front door by either opening the back passenger door first or punching in the code. Then I saw on here to remove the neg cable on the 12V battery for a minute and reconnect. It fixed the problem now it always opens using PAAK and...
  16. Jeffvisor

    SunnyvaleFord asking a 4k markup for our MachE

    The best move is to join Mustang of America Club and pay the small fee under $35. After 6 months you can get a X-Plan code if the dealer allows X-Plan you get it for about $1K less than MSRP and they limit the DOC fees. My dealer dock fee was $350. I got it for the X-Plan lock fee of $100.
  17. Jeffvisor

    How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    Jeez I need to drive more. Since July 27th less than 800 miles. My electric bike has almost 2,000 miles on it but I had that for 2 years.
  18. Jeffvisor

    FordPass 3.30.0 released

    I was at the dealer on Tuesday and asked them to update all the software including the fix for the charging noise looks like that is the only module they updated.
  19. Jeffvisor

    FordPass 3.30.0 released

    I have the watch app but not the Frunk button. Odd!
  20. Jeffvisor

    TSB 21-2278 Cooling Fan Noises during level 3 charging (public charging or wallbox)

    I asked them to do all updates but I think they only did the fan noise update. I use a 40amp WallBox Pulsar Plus to charge at home.