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  1. ajmartineau

    Any OBD-II app that works yet?

    WHAT!!! That's great news.
  2. ajmartineau

    DIY install TorkLift hitch for bike rack, etc

    It looks tight. It looks tight.
  3. ajmartineau

    DIY install TorkLift hitch for bike rack, etc

    I decided I was too busy to install myself, so I had Torklift do the hitch and the wiring installation today. They did a great job. Now I need to find a bunch of crap to haul around to test it out.
  4. ajmartineau

    FordPass keeps crashing - iOS

    I've been having the incomplete launch problem for 2 days. PITA. I broke down tonight and pulled out the FOB. Tomorrow I'll give up and try to reinstall.
  5. ajmartineau

    PlugShare bought by EV Go

    Dear PlugShare Member, I’m writing today .... blah blah. I fear Plugshare will lose everything I love about it.
  6. ajmartineau

    [UPDATED with Ford Norway's Response] Reports of Steep Downhills / Descents Overheating Mach-E

    I have a few mountains around where I live with no issues. Here is a picture from near the bottom of one of them.
  7. ajmartineau

    Seattle/PNW E-Ride Out

  8. ajmartineau

    350 miles range routinely

    I was at 4.4 seconds before I took the picture.
  9. ajmartineau

    1st sizable road trip for me

    I too recently went for a longer-than-range drive. I left Renton full. Drove for hours. I made it to the Tri-Cities with 50 miles of range left. I charged for a bit at the Shell Recharge station for free (only 50kw). I was tired of driving so I turned around and went home. It's so stress-free...
  10. ajmartineau

    Anyone familiar with (Recall) field service action number 21b36?

    I have no "real" issues with paak other than I park too close to my house. I just saw this in my account.
  11. ajmartineau

    FordPass Reward Points - How long till they show up?

    I have not received my points yet either. Ford pass support you say? Thanks, I'll try that.
  12. ajmartineau

    Removable/swap-able batteries. DOA for good.

    When energy density gets to the point where I can swap out 1 or 2 propane tank-sided batteries, I'll sign up. ...Like in all those sci-fi movies the kids are watching these days.
  13. ajmartineau

    Time to reserve the F-150 Lighting EV?

    I canceled my Rivian reservation a while ago. (see I hate private networks!) I am hoping that it checks enough boxes to push me off the fence.
  14. ajmartineau

    Loose bolt found!

    Has anybody else found any random loose bolts?
  15. ajmartineau

    Loose bolt found!

    I found this loose bolt while washing my MME today. It is on the passenger side between the front and rear doors.
  16. ajmartineau

    Mountain Trailheads

    I took my MME on a local gravel road that is pretty steep. The traction was excellent.
  17. ajmartineau

    Infinite Blue Mach E - Installed vinyl grill wrap and hood stripes

    I would also like to know the width of the stripes along with the width of space in between them? Thanks! I like this look but the space on the hood is very narrow on the MME. I'm still planning it out.
  18. ajmartineau

    Miles Per KW. Post up what you getting.

    Not my best, but I had to post.