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  1. Mach-E stranded on a 3,000+ mile road trip due to faulty HV battery module. Full battery swap required.

    my original thought of going with the mach e was "hey I will have a lot of service centers to go to unlike tesla" then my thought turned to new tech and hearing all the first year issues stopped me from buying it. Now buying a new Ranger and now after reading this my thought is that I could take...
  2. My Mach E is built and arriving first week of July. Who wants it? (It has arrived)

    The Mach e has arrived and I have informed them that I will not be taking delivery. I also understand that the dealer is going mark it up $5K now. The vin is 3FMTK3R72MMA26056 Five Star Ford of Dallas 8900 President George Bush Turnpike Dallas, TX, 75252
  3. Three Months In Reflecting on Adoption

    with 70K eF150 on order I have to think a lot of improvements to the above issues will be fixed or improved before the eF150 is released
  4. Anyone received Manufacturers (Ford) Certification of $7500 tax credit?

    Instructions for Form 8936 (01/2021) | Internal Revenue Service ( Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit (Including Qualified Two-Wheeled Plug-in Electric Vehicles) Certification and Other Requirements Generally, you can rely on the manufacturer’s (or, in the case of a...
  5. My Mach E is built and arriving first week of July. Who wants it? (It has arrived)

    as mention previously I will not be taking delivery (have a eF-150 on order now) PREMIUM RWD INFINITE BLUE 88KWH USABLE EXT BATTERY INTERIOR LT GRAY Five Star Ford Of Dallas Will post when it is actually here for someone to grab
  6. Time to reserve the F-150 Lighting EV?

    I can't really afford the ICE 150 I am afraid what the electric one will cost
  7. National Electrical Code -- requires hardwiring?

    get information from licensed electricians in your area.
  8. Infinite Blue and Carbonized Gray no longer available?

    Actually it has been proven IB is the best color for this car
  9. Infinite Blue and Carbonized Gray no longer available?

    my IB is scheduled to be built end of May. I will not be taking delivery (unless we get even more stimulus checks :D ) so I will let the forum know when it comes in (Five Star Ford Dallas) in case you know someone that wants one
  10. Mustang Mach-E to Make NASCAR Pace Car Debut at Talladega

    This was the first time I didn't like the way it looked. Seemed almost Prius looking I will also add I say a corvette c8 in person for the first time a few weeks ago and hated it so yeah.
  11. Getting garage charger ready to receive my Mach E

    my suggestion is that you are buying a 50K car so don't short cut buy mixing and matching. Get an electrician to put in the correct plug/wire/breaker in for the purpose
  12. No Seat Belt warning?

    yeah I meant don't just live with it get it checked out so they can see if there are larger issues
  13. No Seat Belt warning?

    The thing is if this is an bug what else has issues
  14. Don't open if your faint of heart... Mach-E Crash

    does the PAAK still work?