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  1. Dealers getting in the way

    This is so true and also so ironic. It’s my understanding that one of the main reason dealers started was to protect consumers from OEM monopolies. whoever mentioned buying up dealerships, I’m onboard with this. I think the dealer as a concept serves a purpose. Mostly in selling used cars and...
  2. OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    The MME has a reserve of the battery that is around 10% that is inaccessible by owners right now. This was an intentional move to increase battery longevity. it can be made available to the car owners later on when the battery begins to degrade to ensure similar range to what they’re expecting...

    I just spoke with a sales person there. it is spoken for via a deposit :(
  4. Charging % and Target Charge Level Differences

    is it just a visual bug? i think i've encountered this before and i restarted the app and it fixed itself. But it sounds like that isn't the case for you. the main question is: does it stop at 90% or continue to 100%?
  5. OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    he starts talking about it there ^ easier than explaining it via text :)
  6. OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    man - i just finished listening to Darren. that made me feel so much better for some reason. of course, he may have a bit of the whole sales/marketing going on during talks like this. however just hearing the understood potential, what they're focusing on, understanding and gathering data on...
  7. Annoying journey time pop-up

    i believe this is the car "predicting" where you want to go (obviously poorly) - I believe there is a setting for this. If i find the exact name, i'll post it here. I'm sure someone knows it off the top of their head
  8. OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    he talked about a cloud-based system that estimates trip distance based on elevation, weather, etc. that is the first i've heard of that, but great to know that it exists! hopefully they can make it a bit more customer facing in the future for us w/ an MME
  9. OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    he did - he said throughout september and october, BlueCruise will be pushed via OTA to cars
  10. Public API

    Is this an open source project? It doesn’t come off as one, but if it is, mind providing the repo? Would love to contribute
  11. Ford's Software Release Rhythm

    This is a very interesting topic ive thought about myself, but have not discussed with really anyone else. I guess I am one of the customers with the Tesla mindset you’re mentioning. I have literally no brand loyalty to Ford. Have never even owned a Ford. The car being a Ford had practically...
  12. Charger options?

    I live in the city and in an 8 flat walk up. Each unit has a meter in the basement. Our dedicated panel is in our unit on the 2nd floor. far too expensive to route from up there down to where we park. The electrician was able to split from our meter to a sub-panel (not sure if that is the proper...
  13. If your interested in buying a Mach-E NOW then don't order one, do this instead

    This is almost exactly what I did. Test drove it. Went home, searched for hours on autotrader, called as many dealers as I could. Found one that agreed to some terms, boom. Had it the next day. One thing to look out for is many dealers list demo units (idk if it’s a requirement or what) and in...
  14. Ford's Software Release Rhythm

    honestly, i find it pedantic. i don't see Mr Gadget's response really suggesting any solution(s), merely just to say "no, your opinion is wrong and dumb." release rhythm is just a framework to work from and OP is suggesting that it could help Ford's obviously lack major and minor bug fixing by...
  15. 2000 Mile Road Trip: Charging and Efficiency of the Mach-E

    Extremely useful information! Thank you
  16. Ford's Software Release Rhythm

    this is the most sensical thing on this forum I’ve read regarding the MME’s software. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. Hopefully people here take the time to read it and begin to understand that the issues some of us see with the MME’s software are fundamental and systemic in nature...
  17. Fantastic Car, but PAAK, Phone Integration, FordPass and overall Software is an Abomination

    I’m with you guys in the journeys functionality. How ridiculous is it that the car needs to use your phones GPS to track journeys…unless I’m misunderstanding and this isn’t the case. Either way, to me, this should be built into the car. with the ability to look at everything journeys provides...
  18. Website Order Dealership wants me to come in

    When I was searching for dealer inventory for mine, I had this experience multiple times. Either it was in-transit or being produced. Almost none of them had even a good ballpark of when it was going to be there either. I’m sure this experience varies dealer-to-dealer, but I am VERY much with...
  19. Website Order Dealership wants me to come in

    I bought a dealer inventory MME in June and can confirm that dealers were ordering phantom customer orders so they could sell (assumingly with a markup). They literally told me they faked a customer order to get one…mine in fact. thus, would not be surprised if this was a new process in place...
  20. Age of Mach-E owners / leasers

    this is a great reminder honestly. What has helped me in this realization (specific to this forum, not life 😀) is reframing perspective on people’s varying experience and expectation with cars, technology, etc.