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  1. UK Customers

    Nope heard feck all about it despite getting the same email you got about an upcoming event. Ford are really starting to p!ss me off with their complete lack of customer interaction
  2. UK Customers

    So just had a phone call from my dealer in Edinburgh. Wanted to just to just touch base. Didn’t have any info for me ( as he’s still waiting on info from Ford) but said he’s been sent the order info through from Ford for this dealership and was trying to tie up the orders as it was a bit mixed...
  3. UK Customers

    I’ll hold you to that then that ordering for uk about to open! 😂 you heard it here first. Thanks ChasingCoral. You know we take your updates as gospel right?
  4. UK Customers

    To be fair its still a sh!t comm with no real detail and very short and sweet. Im Hoping that when they do start to take notice of how dis-engaged they’ve been with their customers that there comms are more enthralling/detailed/engaging than this. We can live in hope eh?! 😉
  5. Ford Email says a Virtual Event for Sync 4A Coming Soon

    Yeh I’m in the UK and got this email couple of days ago. That’s Virtually all ive had from Ford in 5 months!!
  6. UK Customers

    I thought the same at first. The main reason will be that in the UK the ER option also includes the technology pack as part of the pricing. That plus the bigger battery is the reason for the £9k - £10k difference from a SR model. In the US their models are all specked differently where the tech...
  7. Brake Caliper Covers

    Liking them too. I’m in uk and had to change my car to RWD version with extended battery which gave me more tech but meant I lost out on red calipers, smaller alloys (18” instead of 19’sj and couple other minor cosmetic changes. This solves problem 1. Re alloys I’ll look to change them at later...
  8. UK Customers

    Great answer, thanks!
  9. UK Customers

    so in the uk what’s the script with charging the Mach e at The ”superchargers” that you get at service stations etc? Will they work on a Tesla charger with an adaptor or only universal chargers? I’ll do 99.9% of my charging at home Or work but just curious what options are if I ever need it.
  10. UK Delivery pushed back even further?

    I’ve not heard anything from my dealer. Think I’ll call them in the morning...... so did you get any useful updates? I’m guessing prob not!
  11. UK Customers

    Don’t suppose Anyone heard from Ford UK Re firming up orders, demo days etc? Interesting to see the Mach e roadshows taking place in Holland at the mo. would be good to know there’s plans for UK customers also.
  12. Trading in old car

    im planning on trading in my old car when i get the MME. just wondering if dealers have started given you an indication of what price they will give you for your car? Appreciate that it’s six months or so away before we will actually complete the deal but im trying to get my head round when in...
  13. A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    Thanks Paul for replying. Thought that may be the case.
  14. A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    Anyone know if x plan only apply in US or could I use it here in UK too? thanks.
  15. Is this the first 'confirmed' submitted order?

    I spoke to our friends at Ford UK Yesterday. Don’t have a clue when UK will start firming up orders. Could be weeks away, even months I was told !! Obviously US is their priority........
  16. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    Not really difficult to understand why I would say. as you stated it wasn’t clear about the specs and a Lot of the literature seemed to indicate that most of the technology was standard. Added to that when I placed my pre order it stated that further options could be added once orders were...
  17. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    You’re lucky. In the UK they aren’t giving us the option to add the technology pack. Only Way to get the tech pack is if you take the ER model which is £9,000 more expensive. very short sighted if you ask me and will lose orders because of it.
  18. UK Customers

    Ah, got you. Likelihood is that I’ll just hold off for a while longer and see what else comes out or see if ford change their strategy. I’m not in any rush tbh to change so happy to wait for the right car to come out.
  19. UK Customers

    In uk got the AWD SR. Our models, specs and pricing thresholds different than the U.S.
  20. UK Customers

    So now that dealerships are back open (I believe) in England has anyone had a conversation with them? In Scotland dealers still closed at the Moment but I’m going to be speaking to my dealer as soon as they open re options on the Mach e and whether the tech pack can become an option, similar to...