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  1. Mach-E will not be selected for scheduling this week (on 9/9)

    Does the Vin get sent to you via email? My MME GT is scheduled for production since last week and I have yet to receive one.
  2. New member/Future Owner

    Thanks SMP! I almost pulled the trigger on the FE a while back, but something in the back of my mind told me to wait out for the GT. I am sooo excited to get blow the doors of any standard ICE vehicle out there. Any tips for a future MME owner?
  3. New member/Future Owner

    Im hoping to add some pinstripes along the sides, add some custome made splitters and defusers on the fronts and back, add some custom wrap on the trim pieces and grill, and tint the windows for starters 😁
  4. New member/Future Owner

    I hope so! I've heard nothing but good things so far! Love the profile pic! 😁
  5. New member/Future Owner

    Already there haha, I check my order at least twice a day and im constantly searching through YouTube or Google for the latest news on the vehicle 😅
  6. New member/Future Owner

    I feel ya there, that's when they're expecting to have mine shipped out
  7. New member/Future Owner

    Hello hello! My name is Arturo and I am so excited that I found this Forum! I dont own a Mach-e just yet, I have an order placed for the GT so I got to wait until late summer to get my hands on the eletric pony. I can't wait to get my hands on it and begin modifying the vehicle! 😁