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  1. EV tax credit boost: At up to $12,500, here’s how the two versions compare

    Personally I think tax credits on EVs are kinda pointless. The manufacturer just charges more since the customer gets a “discount” anyways. they should have taken that money and invested it in the charging and electrical production infrastructure instead. unfortunately, there’s a mindset of...
  2. Battery charged to 90% ... NOT!

    when I replace batteries in phones I sometimes have to run it from 100-0 a couple times because it does the same thing you mentioned. The percentage is just a learned value based on the battery condition. You could try to run it from 100-10 a couple times and see if the problem goes away.
  3. Will my Mach e ever get here? How do I find out info?

    It doesn’t seem like ford is going in order clearing the the chip holds, it also depends on which module they are actually waiting for. My MME built the same week as yours was put on a train last week so there’s still hope.
  4. Why doesn't the Mach-E have a tow hook?

    Based on my extensive YouTube knowledge, if the wheels are free rolling it’ll come right up just by steering. If your dragging wheels it’ll want to pivot but you can do angled pulls on a flatbed to straighten it out when needed. Your confusing two different things. Tow hooks(eyes) are for...
  5. Why doesn't the Mach-E have a tow hook?

    I couldn’t find the exact rule but from my understanding, EU requires that tow hook to be included with the vehicle. Kind of like how the EU Mach e has a tow rating but not in the US, it’s all about regulations. it’s too bad the US doesn’t have the same rules, it’s very rare that new vehicles...
  6. Mach E Car Hacking?

    Probably another ford glitch. It does seem like all you need is a vin number and the ford app to request access.
  7. Fixing number plates

    Sandy Munro is that you? 😂
  8. Winter Range

    Your biggest losses will come from the vehicle heating the battery pack for optimum temp and the heater used to keep the interior warm. If you precondition the vehicle before leaving and dress warm you should be in pretty good shape for cold weather.
  9. The Mach-E has too many configurations

    Nothing is free my friend. Cost always gets passed on down hill. To a certain point it has, software is the same just with certain options turned off, wiring harnesses are often the same just left unused. It really just comes down to having stock on hand that’s not being used which has tax...
  10. Headlights turning on and quickly off

    People use the faraday bags to prevent relay attacks. While technically it could be used on you while walking in the parking lot, i think the chances are very slim. Usually people go up to the front door at night, relay the Key to the car, and drive away.
  11. The Mach-E has too many configurations

    Not entirely true. The less options the better it is for assembly. More options could theoretically increase the cost to produce the vehicle, which is a downside. although, that could possibly be canceled out by not paying for stuff you don’t want. Thats Said, I would have liked more options...
  12. What is the better charging habit for battery health?

    50%give or take 10% is lithium batteries happy place, <10% or >90% are it’s im angry stage. That said the vehicle should be plugged in at all times, especially during hot days or cold days so the vehicle can prevent damaging battery temps. the correct answer is find a percent that works...
  13. Any Experience with Roadside Assistance?

    Jump the 12volt system and see if you can get it to go into emergency tow mode before they drag it. Both steps are in the manual.
  14. Any Experience with Roadside Assistance?

    Everyone contracts out towing, even AAA. Warranty towing should always be free. I can’t find anything that documents a limit on service calls for towing but it does include out or warranty and accident towing-if anything is limited it would be those events...
  15. Recommended Chargers

    The Grizzl-e seem pretty popular for a relatively cheap no frills dumb charger that can do plug in or hard wire. That’s the one I got since it has a full aluminum housing and I’ll be leaving it outside. I didn’t see the need for the smart features, ideally it should be left up to the car to...
  16. Does a Mach e really use 3000 chips????

    Half of those are probably in the battery pack and charging components.
  17. Ford Pass app in Apple Watch

    This is hilarious but I’ll keep going because why not. your response: “My point is the actions you take on the FordPass app that requires WiFi or celestial signal will only work if you have an iPhone present or have cell service on your Apple Watch” it appears your didn’t know the Apple Watch...
  18. Broken Rear Tail Light

    Rogue shopping cart?
  19. Ford Pass app in Apple Watch

    Of course, that’s how the internet works-it’s safe to assume people know this. Your initial response was to my comment that a phone is not technically needed for the watch app to work.
  20. Very slippery when wet. Looking for advice

    Yeah, it’s definitely not just from leaky cars. Asphalt is a crude oil product. Heat during summer causes oil to seep towards the top, fresh rain bring it to the surface and create a slick mess until it can be washed away.