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  1. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Windshield Glass Recall 21C22

    My 2019 KonaEV had so many problems 2 transmissions (GRU) 1 Motor, two 12v batteries, battery cooling fan, Twice charge door, 10 TSBs, and of course the BMS recalls trying to fix the traction battery that eventually turned into a traction battery recall to replace the whole thing. Yes, there...
  2. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    How to - add 'access ports' for LVB connection points

    Ohhh, Thought it was an access to put a battery pack/jumper thing to let you give your MME a charge/jump. So it lets you open the frunk so you can get to the battery to actually get the charge/jump Thanks!
  3. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    How to - add 'access ports' for LVB connection points

    That's what the little square panel in the front left of the nose is for... /jeeze, hate jumping into a thread and not realizing it started months ago...
  4. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    The Mach-E has too many configurations

    Welp, I like my RT 1, it has everything I need and nothing I don't. The idea of the CA RT1 is back in the day, you wanted a Mustang, but you only need the basics, not cheap, just basics. You ripped out your back seat, pulled the insulation out, the appearance things you really didn't need so...
  5. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    What I want for Mach-E Updates

    Sentry Mode, or whatever they'll call it. Corral mode? Let the alligator cams run 24/7 dammit...
  6. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Prompt Volume?

    Opposite of you, wish the "Turn right at the next light" was a bit louder, especially at highway speeds with the windows down
  7. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    GT wheel covers - how to remove?

    I have the CA Route 1 and these fit 'my' centers /ymmv These 'Might' fit
  8. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Weird Software behavior

    Two (2) instances of Screen Crashing and now mine randomly turns Audio Off while driving. Both hands on the top of the wheel, no buttons pushed, no talking/singing to the music, just a quiet cabin and all of a sudden, Audio Off appears...
  9. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Red Lines on Touch Screen at Night

    Do the touch screen reset and see if it comes back on. and you can set your screen to 'dark mode' during the day and see if it's a dark mode issue.
  10. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    FordPass 3.30.0 released

    Mine isn't crashing (yet) but it's nice that the large rectangle 'boxes' are now more like boxes and use less real estate. (the Account icon still has the larger 'boxes') Went to the Vehicle 'icon' and pulled down and it's been spinning. I don't remember it saying my location on this screen...
  11. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    When will we get Sentry Mode? Could come in VERY handy...

    When parked, the mirrors pull in, but angle up a bit. I suppose it would catch someone from back to front, but the front to back would have to be handled by the front camera, (and my dashcams)
  12. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Don't put too much weight in the trunk!

    My insurance policy says "2021 Ford Truck Mustang Mach E Ev 4D 2Wd" I thought it was a truck...
  13. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Cracked Roof

    With everyone Ceramic coating and PPF'ing their toys, I'd think applying this to the Pano would be a good idea. At least it would give another layer of protection from pointy things bouncing off the top. When I reach up from inside, I can feel some kind of coating on the inside of the Pano My...
  14. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    1.5" lowering springs came in, not quite low enough yet

    Pfff, like people drive their SUVs in the dirt...
  15. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Does anyone subscribe to Sirius XM?

    Yes, Sorta... I paid $500 back in 2004 for a 'lifetime' subscription, and nothing since. It allows me to change 'head units' pretty much anytime I wish for a 'nominal fee'. So far they haven't charged me anything. Oh, that will be a $75 'transfer fee' to change from this car to that, but...
  16. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Design aspects you don't like

    As everyone else has mentioned, Ventilated seating! And Ford Pass letting me know if the Mach E is Locked or not, trunk closed etc. from the app. My old app it gave me a page of fantastic information. Side View mirror control, nitpicky but my other cars have had a switch Left mirror, Off...
  17. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Design aspects you don't like

    The Mach E is a call back to the old '70/'71 Mach 1 fastback Mustang. Obviously the Mach E is 'E'lectric
  18. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Route 1 wheels without Aero Covers - the finished look with center caps installed

    Perfect then! ouch though/twice the price/twice the fun! Thank You!
  19. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Route 1 wheels without Aero Covers - the finished look with center caps installed

    Well, let's see if these work, 56mm. Asked seller full dimensions. Seems deep for the 1/2" but...