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  1. MachE GT test drive + canceled order available in CLT, NC

    If it’s really for sale with no ADM then I certainly wish I live in or near NC. I would pick It up even though I truly want a GTPE.
  2. Has anyone tried window tinting the pano-roof?

    $500 just to tint the roof? :oops: Or did that price include the side windows and windshield?
  3. Where are the aftermarket parts?

    There is no market for any of that right now. Not many are going to put in the R&D to make a product that will only amass one or two sales. At best most of the manufacturers are just now starting to work on products. So maybe next year we will see more products. Up until that point it will...
  4. My MachE GTPE Star White is HERE

    Free Charging with Electrify America for the weekend starting tomorrow so sound like it will be a great time to drive your new car all weekend.
  5. Free charging at Electrify America all Labor Day weekend

    It also clearly says "for all customers"
  6. Weird Intelligent Cruise Control issue

    This past weekend my MME brake checked a Dodge Charger. The ICC almost caused an accident So It will be disabled from now on. I was overtaking slower moving vehicles on a two lane highway where the speed limit was 60mph. A Dodge Charger approached at probably 100+mph and began tailgating me. I...
  7. Random Navigation Alerts

    lol, it sounds like the car is suggesting that you start drinking. Either that or it thinks you drive like someone who frequents a liquor store. /s Jk, but I have had it do that to me but for me it has always been a location I have been to before. Maybe the suggested store is near a location...
  8. Why is the charge port door so awful?

    what other vehicle in this class has a powered charge port door other than Tesla?
  9. MME is too expensive to have problems

    Oh, ok. Well I guess that would be a bug that may be difficult to fix because it may only be affecting a few people. But I do agree that I am disappointed with the software support and lack of OTA updates when there are a lot of little things that should have been fixed over the time that the...
  10. MME is too expensive to have problems

    Lol, Do you have to tap the button every time you exit the vehicle? if so then your complaint is in fact 100% user error. The reason why your setting doesn’t stick is because you left “ask upon exit” enabled. If you disable that then whatever you set will stick. So when you tell it to turn the...
  11. Do I get 2 Tax Credits if I trade in my Premium for a GT?

    If you order one now you probably wont get it before the year is over so you will be able to claim the Tax Credit for this year and also next year. But if you are able to snag one before this year is over then as long as your tax liability will be over $15k then yes you can get both tax credits.
  12. Love your Mustang Mach-E? Would you buy it again? POLL

    No thanks! It seems you missed the point. I hope you are not also wondering why you don’t have many friends.
  13. Love your Mustang Mach-E? Would you buy it again? POLL

    Critique on the poll... too many options. People end up not voting as I did not vote. IMO a better poll would have been: Absolutely Not, Maybe, Probably, Definintely!
  14. Anyone found a front window sunshade?

    I don't know if I just received a defective product but mine looked like poo! Its saggy and does not fit. I posted a review on Amazon but I DO NOT recommend this product at all!
  15. ChargePoint Home Flex in stock at Amazon

    Thats weird? I ordered on 8/12 and mine has not shipped. I wonder why yours got shipped before mine?
  16. ChargePoint Home Flex in stock at Amazon

    Very Nice! I was thinking the same thing. I assumed that if it was available on Amazon then that probably means mine would ship soon. But ordering on Amazon was a guarantee and waiting for a shipment notice from Chargepoint was a hope and an assumption.
  17. Charging Door won't close?

    There is a video of a Youtuber who had the same issue. They had to take it to the dealer to get it fixed.
  18. ChargePoint Home Flex in stock at Amazon

    Thanks, I ordered from Chargepoint with a 4-5 week wait a couple weeks ago. I just cancelled and ordered from Amazon.