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  1. A76marine

    14 Min Footage of BlueCruise in Mach-E w/ Prompts, Lane Changes, Warnings, Stop-n-Go

    I'm truly going to miss driving a car. :)
  2. A76marine

    FordPass 3.31.0 is out

    Better than the UK version and their Front Boot. A Froot.
  3. A76marine

    PSA: Grabber blue Mach-E GT available at Arlington Heights Ford.

    They'll be able to see all the hits to the page and realize no one is inquiring about it.
  4. A76marine

    Quick little mod - Tinted Side Markers

    They do offer a couple levels of tint, I went with the lesser amount. Blacked out wouldn't have worked with the IBM in my opinion.
  5. A76marine

    Quick little mod - Tinted Side Markers

    I have been looking for ways to really make my Infinite Blue Metallic color pop and I think this side marker tint did a good job of taking the 'edge' off of the bright orange but still allowed for the marker to work as needed. I got this tint from Lamin-X where it was pre-cut and it was...
  6. A76marine

    Painted Calipers Red

    This was my first real mod too. Used the 'EV and Chill' video as a guide and it went great. Love the look on the Infinite Blue Metallic!
  7. A76marine

    Do you regret the panoramic sun roof

    Not even in the slightest.
  8. A76marine

    Mach-E will not be selected for scheduling this week (on 9/9)

    I wonder if this is related to switching over to the Model Year 2022 vehicles?
  9. A76marine

    21 inch Vossen wheels

    I love the way those rims and tires fill out the wheelwell much more fully!
  10. A76marine

    Utility of the Mach-E Frunk!

    My favorite part of the video: "Plus... a baby can fit in there!"
  11. A76marine

    How do you confirm you have the latest software updates?

    I wanted to check on this as well. I purchased my MME last week and have been busy getting settings the way I like them, etc. I have seen a screen that says there are no updates available, but how can I confirm they aren't available simply because they've already been installed?
  12. A76marine

    Home charging: MME throws a fault and gives the "Service Vehicle Soon" message

    Sorry to jump in late on this thread but I am experiencing a similar issue. After charging (Level 2) I put everything away, get in my car to leave, and get the "Service Vehicle Soon" message. I am in Chicago so the heat isn't too oppressive. I have only owned the car for 5 days, and the build...